Making Colors For A Blind Cat

Tarta is poetry, pure poetry. There are a few questions surrounding her story, like how on earth did she manage to survive for six whole months on the street, being blind.

Kittens born handicapped are immediately rejected by their mothers, and unless they are rescued on time, they simply die. Somehow, Tarta managed to stay alive, and to become one of the most tender and human centered cats I have ever met. It was impossible for me to foster her, as much as I wanted to, since with three dogs at home and a couple of more foster ones, my place is not ideal for a cat. She is now under the foster care of Katie and Mariana, the golden girls of SCARS and two of the most experienced cat people ever. sharing a room with about seven more cats and kittens, all handicapped.

Tarta is looking for her forever home – correction, she is looking for a human to make very happy. Everything you give to her, she pays you back double, with her tenderness and her love.  If you have never adopted a blind cat before, find out how to properly care for one here. To adopt her please email the charity at: Follow Tarta’s progress in the charity’s Facebook page. Donations are more than welcome.

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