Man In Greece Hangs A Dog To Warn For Something Worse

Meh.. I don’t even know where to begin. If it were any other typical case of animal abuse, the photos would speak for themselves, but I don’t think it is.

The three photos were posted publicly on Facebook yesterday, quoted “Please visit Nafpaktos and our beautiful villages so you can see a our beautiful sights” and have already gone viral. A dead dog hanging  from an electric column in the countryside near Nafpaktos  – one of Greece’s most beautiful and touristic places. The sign  above him warns: “ANAVRITI (name of the place) –  danger for animals/ risk of death. Poisons”


Are you wondering wtf?  Well, us Greeks are not that surprised at the sight of hanged dogs – unfortunately it happens more often than you think, and it’s a way of disposing of man’s best friends (no, I am not exaggerating).

View of the idyllic and touristic place… Juts be careful if you travel with your dog.

In this case however, it’s a bit more complicated (I believe). Apparently, the guy went hunting with his dog, the dog ate poison, it died, and the guy (obviously frustrated and lacking basic feeling towards the dead body of his loyal friend) hang its corpse  there and put up a sigh to warn others of the danger in the area…


So, I don;t know what is worse. The fact that in Greece you can lose your best friends at any time by poison camouflaged with food, deliberately left for dogs  to eat and die of? The fact that some of us saw the photos and thought  “oh, here’s another hanged dog”?  The lack of basic education of an entire nation who keep treating animals like sh@#?

Yes, the main city of the area is that beautiful. If you take a tour there and fall for a couple of friendly strays, better save them, because they won’t be alive for much longer.

According to the post, the dog has “disappeared” and its owner was found and will be testifying to the police station. Personally, if he did find his dog poisoned, got so angry about it and resorted to this “statement”, I don’t think he is a monster – it’s just so weird.. I mean… Oh well. :/

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