Mange Puppies Found Abandoned And Terrified Are Now The Happiest Boys

Sick, starving, scared to death and abandoned in a square in the center of Glyfada, one of the most expensive and upper class neighborhoods of Glyfada, the two puppies were rescued by SPAZ, the local charity.

One of the most terrible things about mange is that the unbearable itch leaves the animals sleepless for entire nights. And for a three month old puppy, spending sleepless nights when all it should was sleep in fluffy beds and enjoy life to the fullest is just too unfair. The puppies spend several days in the clinic, being monitored and treated and were then fostered by a volunteer.


The fear in their eyes and their tail between their tiny legs was a heartbreaking thing to see. All they had even known was fear, and for weeks, the only consolation was that they had each other. Today, they are healthy, social and happy. One of them, the black and tan one, was adopted just yesterday, but his brother is still at the dog pension, waiting for his forever home.

For adoptions and other info please contact the charity at:  Donations are welcome. Visit the SPAZ website here.  Follow the SPAZ Facebook page here.

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