Mangy Stray Dog Turns Into A Happy Family Member

Mangy dogs are to be seen everywhere in Greece – well, not really seen, as they hide in water sewers and abandoned building, waiting to die alone and abandoned. There are too many of them, and the reason why you don’t see them in plain sight, is because after being constantly rejected by disgusted people, who simply don’t want to look at them, the resort to seeking shelter, as far away from people as possible.

Evita the day she was rescued / Save a Greek Stray
Evita’s Rescue

One of those dogs was Evita, who got sick when probably still a puppy, and since she did not received the medical care she needed soon, she ended up looking like this. Save a Greek Stray was notified about her, and Evita was finally rescued, taken to the organization’s shelter and received the treatment that would transform her to the beautiful dog she once used to be.

Evita at the shelter / Save a Greek Stray

Evita was the first rescue dog of Save A Greek Stray I ever met. She had just arrived when I visited the shelter for the first time, and although confused, skinny, hairless and full of wounds, she looked gorgeous.

Evita at the shelter, after her recovery / Save a Greek Stray


Evita received all the love, the attention and the care she needed, and transformed to a gorgeous dog. Her beautiful hair grew back, her attitude changed and for the first time she could finally enjoy life, freed from the horrible itch, the hunger, and the misery. She was so white, so happy, and so sweet, bouncing around the shelter like a fluffy snowball.

Video of Evitas recovery

Rescuing a dog that has “turned to stone” from mange, like her, gives you a feeling of “I can’t wait” anticipation. You just can’t wait to see them a few weeks later, with their new healthy hair growing back, and their whole appearance so transformed, that you barely recognize them. This is exactly what happened with Evita. I hadn’t seen her in a while, and when I did see her I almost had verity it was really her -as if the volunteers could get confused and mistake that gorgeous girl with the mangy Evita I remembered.

Evita today, in her forever home in Holland.

Evita didn’t wait long. She was adopted a few weeks after her recovery, and has been living a life she never knew existed, with her forever family in Holland. Her mum, Brigitte says that Evita  “is getting more happy every week and is still a bit shy with other dogs… she plays with us and run through the whole house making funny noises(…) jumps on the furniture and is so funny (…)we are in love with her”.


Evita left for her forever family, being a gorgeous dog, and I never thought she could become even more beautiful, but she did. I barely recognized her when I saw the photos her mum sent. You see, we do all we can, and yes we transform them to beautiful dogs, but the beauty of an adopted dog can never be compared to anything. After a few months in their forever home, the glow – they literally glow and become unrecognizable, even for us.

Didn’t ask if she did actually swim!

So yes, rescuers do an amazing work, but we can never provide what a forever home will, and the love of a family. So please adopt. Because that final transformation, is up to you, and it’s the most amazing of all.

Queen of the couch!

To adopt a Save A Greek Stray rescue dog please visit the organization’s website or Facebook page. Donations are more than welcome (PayPal:

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  1. It is not only the live off the dog thats get better but yours TO!!!
    Me (mum Evita) and the kids are so happy to take care of here everyday and we all smile much more because of crazy and funny Evita

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