Mangy Stray Transforms Into A Gorgeous Happy Dog

Eri was rescued from the streets of Greece in 2016 by Save a Greek Stray. She was found wandering alone and scared, in the middle of a busy avenue and would have probably been hit by a car a few minutes later. She suffered from mange, ehrlichia and leishmaniasis – all three diseases quite typical for a stray in Greece.

For me, he story so far is the ultimate success story. After her recovery, she spent about a year at the shelter, and since she was rescued very young, she didn’t really get to know many things about the world. She was always a friendly, sweet dog, but apart from that, all she ever knew were the few volunteers and workers at the shelter and nothing else. The outside world was new to her – cars, strangers, houses, doors, walks on a leash were things she simply did not know, as is often the case with shelter dogs that are rescued very young. Jo and Ellis, her foster parents in the UK, did an amazing job, transforming her to a perfect pet dog (you can read more about it here). Their patience and consistency help built Eir’s trust in them, the crate provided her with a safe place and everything was introduced to her from the beginning, one thing at a time, until she finally became the goofy, social dog she is today. I can’t thank them enough for their amazing job. Eri is now ready for her forever home. If you wish to adopt her, you can contact Greek Animal Rescue at:

If you wish to donate to Save a Greek Stray, the charity that originally rescued her, you can do so via PayPal (

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