Meet The Woman Who Dedicates Her Life To Rescuing Strays

Meet Linda, the woman I have been wanting to “introduce” to the world for months. No video or post could even do her any justice, but this is the least I could do for her. Linda is originally from South Africa. She came to Greece in 2001 for three months, and has been living here since.


She has fostered about 200-300 hundred dogs within the past five years – most of them came to her literally on the brink of death, and she has managed to bring back to life more dogs than she can remember. I first met her when I visited her home-shelter, to make a video on Oliver, and I…got addicted to her.

For a young rescuer like me, Linda is like going from preschool to college. Every time I talk to her and every time I am there I see a new thing and I learn a new thing. When it comes to any medical or behavioral issues concerning dogs, Linda knows everything about it. You can ask her to foster a dog with the most rare disease in the world, and she will already have treated a similar case in the past.

She is specialized in dogs with all sorts of neurological problems, spinal injuries, mobility issues, paralysis. And when I say specialized, I mean that Linda knows everything, from how to put the nappies on, press their bladder or help them poop – since most of them suffer from incontinence – to how to introduce them to the wheelchairs, keep them happy, healthy and based on the severity of the impairment, adopt them out.

Oh well, I am always better expressing myself through the videos than I am with words, so I will let you enjoy it – I really believe that she is worth 15 minutes of your time (I struggled to make it that short, it could have been a 45 minute documentary).

Please consider making a small donation for Linda’s “greekies” (as she calls them) – you know I never say “please”, but I believe in her so much. You can visit her Youcaring campaign or donate directly via PayPal. To adopt one of Linda’s dogs, please contact her at: or Greek Animal Rescue at:

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2 thoughts on “Meet The Woman Who Dedicates Her Life To Rescuing Strays”

  1. Dear Linda.
    Thanks for the great work you are doing.
    l Would like to make a donation to you and your fur babies.
    Regards Mary

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