Old Man Tells My Dog To “Sod Off” And The Next Thing He Does Is Even Worse

I had an entire different post prepared for today, but what happened to me was so hilarious – and at the same time so frustrating, that I just needed to share.

It is Monday morning, about 8 o clock, and I am walking my dogs at the park. Laura, my tiny French Bulldog is off the leash, as usual. Normally I hear all sorts of stupid things from random people, like “get some more dogs, the streets are not dirty enough” (yeah right, it’s the dogs who make the streets dirty, not your trash) etc.
Laura is the only small sized dog I ever walk (I only adopt and foster medium or big sized ones). And even when the other ones get looked down on, Laura always get an “oh look at the little one, how cute”.

This morning things were different. An elderly couple walked by us, and Laura was doing what she does best, sit around and be cute.

As they passed by her, the old guy tried to chase her away (I guess her cuteness was terrifying). It was the typical words and behavior that stray dogs get all the time from sad and heartless people like him (the words are untranslatable – something like “sod off” I guess, but you can imagine the feeling).

For a moment, I stood there like a statue. I mean…if you don’t find Laura cute, there must be something wrong with you. And if you have the audacity to chase away someone’s pet dog, there is definitely something wrong with you too. I didn’t really say anything, but my pack and I followed them for a while, without them realizing it really.

When they reached the end of the park, the woman turned around and the man walked a bit further form her, to the right, reached a fence that separates an elementary school from the park, and peed on a tree.

I am not joking. He did pee. And for a moment I wished we were in a country where he could be on the sex offender registry for doing something like that – what a way to get a revenge! But we are in Greece, so again, all I did was follow them for a while. After I’ve had enough of seeing the behind of them, I walked past them, and yelled at Laura: “Come on, hurry up before he pees on you too!”.

They looked at me, I looked at them back, and I am still laughing about it. Meh…

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