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The Ones That Did Not Make It

The rescues that we have lost over the years are the ones haunting us, always. Every time you bring a new dog in, you always picture his happy ending. You fantasize about it since day one, and the fantasy is so vivid, that in a way, it becomes a reality.

Every time, when I film a rescue, I always picture the “after” part of the video, when the dog is running happy and free. But those dogs never got a happy ending really, and most of these stories were left untold. But rescue is not always about happy ending, and even if they did not make it, they all deserve to have their stories told, even this way.

The puppy in the final photo (and the header image) died in my arms a few days ago, and I have been crying about it ever since, so this video came out after I realized that I needed to do something about those tears. For me it’s like a consolation, like therapy.

The stories of the dogs (in order of appearance)

  1. Elliot, found abandoned and starved.
  2. Mara, kicked in the head and left with a broken jaw. She had to undergo too many surgeries and her body was too weakened to keep fighting.
  3. Peri, found abandoned. His limp, that we thought was just a minor injury, turned out to be bone cancer, and he was put to sleep before he suffered more.
  4. Sakis, a Poodle found neglected and abandoned. He was blinded from leishmania, and eventually lost the battle to the disease.
  5. Spirit, a Pit Bull found abandoned and starved, also blinded by leishmania. His organs had shut down, he wasn’t responsive to treatment and had lost his appetite. He died a few days after the rescue.
  6. Mahi, found sick with mange and leihsmania. She lost the battle a few days after her rescue
  7. Emily, a English Setter, found starving and sick with erlichia. She was on IV for a while, but lost the battle a few days later.
  8. Stella, a Doberman found sick and neglected. She was so sick that we didn’t know what to treat her for first. She died within a couple of days.
  9. Charlie, found abandoned and sick. He was treated for leishmania and kept struggling for months, until his organs shut down and died.
  10. Xenia, his by a car and left paralyzed. She never survived the surgery.
  11. Torsted, the gorgeous, found terribly abused, starving and emotionally damaged. He was found dead one day in his kennel.
  12. Queenie, abandoned and sick. She didn’t respond to treatment for leishmania.
  13. Prince. Found sick with leishmania. His legs were deformed, probably from being kept in a small box all his life, where he could barely fit in. He lost the battle to leishmania months after his rescue.
  14. Bianca. She had lived all her life on the streets and when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, she was taken in by Linda. She died from heart failure a month later in her foster home.
  15. Dodo. Hit and left paralyzed. She was so neglected in her previous foster home, that both her hind legs and tail had to be amputated, due to an advanced infection. She died from kidney failure.
  16. Ermis. A stray dog that would never approach people. When he was about to die, he made it to the nearby village and let the rescuers take him in. He was diagnosed with hepatic cancer and died three days later in his foster home.

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