Owner Leaves His Dog Tied With A Note For The Rescuers

Owner = a person who owns; legal possessor. Dog owner = responsibility, patience, sacrifice, love etc. Dog owner (in this case) = someone take care of my problem. As sad, disgusting, and awful as it sounds, it did not just happen once. In Greece it happens every day, and in this case the “owner” was considerate enough to leave a note.

The event

On September 26, in an industrial area of a suburb of Athens, Greece, a dog was found tied to a fence. We were notified from a woman who works nearby and found the dog that afternoon. Next to her was a bucket of water and in the fence next to her was a note: “can’t take care of her, I am sorry. She is very nice”. That’s all it said. Such an easy way out to get rid of a loyal companion…

Rescuers arriving at the scene

Such an easy way out to get rid of a loyal companion

The dog was very stressed, she kept going up and down, had spilled her water and simply did not know where she was and what was going on. She didn’t resist when we approached. In fact she was more than friendly, wagging her tail and begging for someone to untie her and take her some place safe.

The note” I couldn’t take care of her. She is very nice. I am sorry” – Full of grammar mistakes btw (even “sorry” is misspelled!)

What happened next

When you are a rescuer in Greece, you actually play God. There are so many stray, abandoned and sick dogs around, that every day you have to make a choice: which one to rescue and which one not to. There is no room for all those dogs, they have nowhere to be placed, not enough families available and charities simply don’t have the resources to take them all in.


In this case, the dog had to be removed. We just could not leave her there, we could not untie her and let her roam free, we just had to find a place for her. We named her Brandy, she was taken to the vet, microchipped, and vaccinated.

You couldn’t tell with all the hair, but she was skinny. Wait till you see her in the last photo!

Her blood test results revealed kidney failure – in fact, her kidneys appeared to be in such terrible condition, that we feared she might die. She was treated for it and was on a special diet for months, until she completely recovered.

A month after her rescue


Ah…today Brandy is simply gorgeous. She has gained weight, her awesome fur has grown and she is simply stunning. She an affectionate, strong dog, very human centered and she is finally ready for her forever home!


If you wish to adopt her, you can contact me at: support@theorphanpet.com or SCARS at: info@scars.gr. For updates on her, you can also follow the SCARS Facebook page.

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