Paralyzed Stray Dog Will Have Luck Smile On Her For The First Time

Paralyzed dogs get one and only chance – that is if they are lucky, and Bianca got very lucky. Bianca is not the typical mix breed Greek stray, she is not a mix, and she wasn’t always a stray.

Bianca’s story

Her owner – as I learned today -used to have a beach bar in the south of Athens, and Bianca lived there. When the bar closed down, years ago, Bianca was just…left behind, and continued her life on the seaside as a stray. Bianca appears to be a Swiss White Shepherd (or something like that – we’ll never be sure), probably a puppy mill off spring, who now suffers due to her “bad genes” caused by generations of inbreeding.









Her condition

Degenerative myelopathy is what first made her limp months ago, and as the months went by, she kept getting worse and worse, until she was unable to stand on her feet and started dragging the hind part of her body.

Some of the people working nearby have been taking care of her for years. She has a house made of wooden boards, she is being fed (overfed probably, which makes her condition worsen – it’s one of the biggest problems when strays are being take care of by many people), some have paid for her x-rays and others for a new wheelchair. But the street is no longer a place where Bianca can be safe.

Her dragging makes her knees bleed, and her…personal hygiene must make her feel terrible. She is in constant pain; she needs proper food, training for the wheelchair and daily care. Bianca needs to be in a home.









Last chance

When SPAZ was notified about her, a campaign started to help Bianca get off the street. It’s not that easy. A dog like her cannot be in a shelter, she cannot be in a clinic, she cannot live anywhere else but a home – and finding a home for a paralyzed, 7 year old, 30 kilo dog is not easy. In fact, it almost looked impossible, but Bianca got very lucky.

An amazing woman will be fostering her, so in a few days, Bianca will be sleeping for the first time in a warm, soft, and clean bed, and won’t have to worry about anything. It is highly unlikely that she walks again, but handicapped dogs can live a good life, as long as they receive the proper care.

Bianca’s medical bills are expected to be quite high (blood tests, new x-ray and maybe an ultra sound to see it the disease has affected her internal organs) and so is her maintenance (nappies, dragbags, cleansing products, painkillers, bandages and super premium food), so if you wish to make a small donation, you can use the charity’s bank account or PayPal (Alpha Bank – SPAZ – 389 0023 2000 0231 / IBAN GR84 0140 3890 389002320000231 /SWIFT CRBAGRAAXXX – PayPal: You can follow her progress on the SPAZ Facebook page.

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