Other People’s Problem – A Ghost Dog

Casper was abandoned in our volunteer’s gate on May 13, 2017. Tied with a brand new leash, matching his brand new collar, he was just left there, with a hasty note that gave us all the unnecessary information, but not really saying anything at all.

We never ever called him Snoopy, not even once. His foster mum named him, and for us, he is Casper – he is deaf anyway, so he won’t be expecting anyone to call by his old name. Snoopy suffers from Cushing’s disease, and judging by his condition, he was never treated for it. He started his medication two days after his rescue, and he started doing much better since day one. Amng other things, Cushing’s causes a sentiment of constant thirst and hunger. Snoopy drinks so much water that he needs to pee every few minutes, so he is usually on dippers. He needs to be with people all the time, so he follows him foster mum everywhere and he sleeps with her every night. I have no idea how much time he has left, and if he can find a new home, but we will try to  help him have the best life possible.

If you wish to adopt him, please contact SCARS at: info@scars.gr or message the charity’s Facebook page. Donations are welcome (PayPal: donate@scars.gr)

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