Pet Dogs’ Attempted Murder By Poisoned Food Thrown In Their Home

Pet dogs are no safe in Greece either. You see, it’s not just the strays that are on death row, being poisoned every single day. You can have your pet dog murdered  at any time, as long as you have a neighbor  vicious enough to make some meatballs filled with poison of smashed glasses, and leave it for  your dogs to consume.

The following incident happened in Pyrgos (a small town in southern Greece) on February 14, 2017 (Valentine’s day!) and I am just translating  the owner’s Facebook post as it is:

“On February 14,  around 2 o clock, I came back home with my daughter, opened the main entrance and found one of my dogs on the doorstep, lying on a pile of feces, urine and vomit.

I went crazy, but tried to keep calm. I rang my husband, who came to pick up the dog and take it to the vet. As  I was running up and down, trying to figure out what was going on , I found two hamburgers -one on the couch (half eaten) and the other one in the main entrance of the house, apparently thrown by the neighbor.

Raw hamburgers, filled with poison…

So that morning, on Valentine’s day, out fellow citizen woke up, and decided to spread death and misery. He is probably one of us, going to church and having a coffee with  some of you. He is someone’s mother, father, grandma, grandpa..

The dog was saved, and the the second part of the “Odyssey” began:

Listen well,  because this is the amazing Greek reality.

I called 911, and I am told that it’s not their responsibility and that I should call homeland security. I called there and the guy says: “Oh, I don’t know about that stuff, you should call the precinct”. I told him that they had advised me to call him, so he finally told me to be there next morning.

So, next morning, on the 15th, I take the two hamburgers, go to the precinct and demand that all legal action is taken. The police officer tells me that I shouldn’t be there, and that I should  go to the  Veterinary Department or the Prefecture.

I take the hamburgers, go to the Veterinary Department, and the lady says: “Why did they send you here? You need to go to the precinct and press charges. I can’t send the hamburgers to be analyzed because I need a court order for that.  Go to your vet, get a paper saying that he saved the dog from being poisoned, and then go back to the precinct and press charges using that paper.

So I did. I went to my vet, he gave me a signed paper, and then I went to the precinct and pressed charges.  I took the hamburgers to a chemical laboratory myself, and we will have to pay 150 euros for them to be analyzed, in  case we can figure out what happened.


The post goes on and on, humiliating the Greek reality, the police and everyone in charge. Basically, humiliating Greece of the 21rst century, where the police officers don’t know the laws and where you have to get justice yourself, for poison being thrown in your own home.

Followers and viewers always ask me if the people  responsible were prosecuted, every time there is an animal abuse case, and most of the times I feel like answering with a simple “lol” – now you know why.

(the header image is not from the actual event)

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3 thoughts on “Pet Dogs’ Attempted Murder By Poisoned Food Thrown In Their Home”

  1. Unfortunately, poisoning dogs is a common practice here, too, albeit nothing thrown in the garden. Rather bits of poisoned or otherwise tainted food hidden in parks, in the forest, anyplace public frequented by dogs and their owners. So, what do dogs do? They sniff around and of course they find the treats. When living in the outskirts of a city, owners tend to let their dogs roam freely (without a leash). In the cities owners go to parks or designated areas and let them roam free. One can’t possibly always control what is to be found in those areas. Pebbles does not eat anything lying on the floor, inside or outside. She will not pick anything up even if it accidentally fell on the floor, like a treat. She waits until one of us picks it up and offers it to her again. That was hard training, starting with the day she came to us at twelve weeks. Generally, we have a trigger word connected to eating. And we trained her to let us pry food out of her mouth without biting us. I would not bet my life on it that she will always steer clear of these “treats” but there is not much more that we can do. What aktuelle happens if charges were pressed, I don’t know, but animal cruelty is a criminal offense here and could lead to jail time. If the offender is caught, of course.

    1. I meant if someone does that to my dog or someone else’s dog
      They are innocent creatures, damn you heartless monsters!!
      If you can kill an animal, you can kill a person. That’s why they must send you to prison .

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