Pharmacist Opens The Doors For The Stray Cats Of The Neighborhood

Pharmacist, rescuer and cat lover (obviously),  this woman – whose name, whereabouts and location of her business I cannot reveal – tries to kill me  with cuteness overload every time I got there to buy a painkiller or sth.

I’ve had a really difficult day today, so this post is to remind myself (and all of you) of the small, little beautiful things  around us that we usually fail to notice.

Vaggelis and me! … (and I..?) …@@#$%^^$#@

There are quite a few stray cats there,  living right outside the pharmacy. All vaccinated, neutered, healthy and happy. Every time I am there, I pet a couple  of them, sit for a while and imagine myself as a stray cat, living in the same colony.

A lion outside and Vaggelis looking form inside the window

And I feel great! It is a good colony to live in. A very good one.  Cool, quiet, carefree.  Such a good life for an animal that lives on the street.

A friend

So, there are the cats outside, and there is THE KING. The king’s name is Vaggelis and his favorite place is the chair inside the pharmacy. When the shop is open, Vaggelis usually takes his place on the throne and sits there gazing at the customers coming and going.

“Hello, do you have a prescription?”

If you approach, he turns over, shows you his belly and demands that you cuddle till you drop. And of course you cuddle and cuddle and cuddle, while customers come and go, and you forget what you were there for.

“Goodbye, I hope you feel better soon”

This is what happened to me today, and it was like an oasis in the desert that was my day. I came back home exhausted, dirty, angry. I sat down and tried to replay the day I’ve had in my head. And when I got to this moment, in the pharmacy,  I realized that this is the only moment I want to remember.

An old friend

So now I’m sharing it. Because it’s the little things that make you come back home and say: “it wasn’t such a bad day after all”. 🙂

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