Puppies Pose For Cute Group Photo – But The Truth Behind Their Story Is Not Cute

Puppies. Ah (sigh). All fluffy, and happy, and cute, right? Well…wrong. When you volunteer in animal welfare in Greece, puppies are the least cute of all things. Because there are so many of them “appearing” on the streets every single day.

Every single day there are new litters, everywhere. Coming from the uncontrollable and unbelievably many births, every day, every moment, right now actually.


I was at the Save a Greek Stray shelter two days ago. I hadn’t been there in a few weeks, and usually the first thing I do is get into the infirmary and see what’s going on there. And this time, what was going on in the infirmary was too overwhelming and too upsetting.


Five – not one, not three, but five  puppies, each one in its kennel, each and every one of them adorable, fluffy, cute and very sick. All of them come from the streets of Greece, where new stray dogs pop up every single minute. It is so often that it seems like a joke. A bad joke.


So we bathed them all, one by one. They were so tiny and so fragile and at the same time so adorable and cute. So cute. After their bath we had them pose for a group photo. They come from three different births, but they seemed to enjoy each other company. They starting cuddling and rubbing against each other, as if the puppies next to them was all they had in the world.


And then the party was over and they returned to their kennels. They are kept separately because it is the safest thing for them right now. They will spend a big part of the cutest, most adorable period of their lives in a metal box, alone, until they get well. And we will keep photographing them and promoting them and talking about them, hoping that at least some of them will find their forever homes soon enough, and won’t have to grow up at the shelter.

You can follow their progress in the charity’s Facebook page. For adoptions, you can message the page or email at: info@saveagreekstray.com

One last thing. Please consider adoption. Please convince your friends, neighbors, family and colleagues to consider adoption. Nothing is wrong with puppies like ours. They are no different from the one you see posing in the breeders’ flyers, they were just born in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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