Puppy Abandoned For Being “Different” Is Now The Happiest Boy

About a month ago, during one of the rainiest days Athens has ever seen, Stevie was found freezing in the middle of a park, in a suburb of Athens, Greece. He looks like a Pekingese – a very badly bred Pekingese to be exact.

Stevie was born “different” – He suffers from some kind of dysplasia that makes his one side look like it has been taken of another dog and stitched to his other side… He has one bad eye, a floppy ear, a permanent tilt and a funny walk. The amazing thing is that Stevie is one happy boy. Oh, he is so happy. Running and bouncing around, looking at people, being curious about everything, loving life and loving everything around him.

He is pure joy, and what’s weird about his situation is that all of his birth defects make him look even more adorable than a puppy could ever be. If you wish to adopt him, please contact SCARS at: info@scars.gr or message the charity’s Facebook page.

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