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Ran Over And Left With Two Broken Legs, This Dog Can Finally Run

Ran over by a car and left for dead, Toffee got lucky because someone stopped to see if he had a name tag so that his family would be notified for the loss. He looked that …dead.

Toffee’s rescue

Toffee was the visctim of a hit and run on mid July, he was just left there, on the side of the road like trash. Pieces of the car’s bumper were there, next to Toffee’s body, evidence of how severe the crash actually was.

ran over
Toffe the day he was found on the street.

Nobody knows how long Toffee was there, lying next to the road and waiting to die. Nobody knows how many people drove by and simply pretended not to see him, until a  SPAZ volunteer stopped. At first she thought that all she had to do was check if he belonged to someone and then notify them for their loss, but as she leaned over the dog’s “dead” body, Toffee moved slightly and sighed. He was alive.

ran over

Toffee’s treatment

Toffee was taken to an animal hospital. The x-rays showed the excruciating pain he was in and had he not been found he would have died in a horrible way as there is no way he could stand up or walk. Both of his left legs were fractured. He was operated almost immediately, pins and plates where inserted in order to connect the bones. He was treated for mange that was eating away his skin and erlihiosis which had made him weak. His red blood cell count was a lot lower than normal and he was severely anemic.

ran over

Toffee stayed in the hospital for almost a month. Every day he would wait for his little walk. He never complained or growled. He never touched his screws and pins. He was a true gentleman – and he still is.

ran over
Toffee recovering in his foster home

In his foster home

After the hospital he was taken to a foster home, where he spent monhs confined in a crate. He was very patient while having nails and screws in both of his left legs. He was patient with the daily changing of the bandages, with the antibiotics, with the confinement. He never tipped his food or spilt his water despite the fact that he has been wearing his huge collar. “The only thing we heard every time we want into his room was the knocking of his tail on the floor.” says his foster mum.

ran over
Toffee today, with his friend, Asterix

Toffee today

After a long recovery, Toffee is now healthy and happy.  His still has that sad expression in his face, combined with a silly playfulness that he still doesn’t know how to handle. He lives with another rescue dog, Asterix, and adorable, tiny, fluffy ball of hair, and they love each other very much.

ran over

The like running around the patio, and Asterix fills Toffe with wet kisses every chance he gets. Today I visited them both. his foster mum and I took Toffee out on a walk, and we let him run loose in a field next door. He loved it. After months of confinement, watching him run free and happy, all playful and cute was more than amazing.

ran over
Isn’t he gorgeous?

Toffee is a kind giant, gorgeous, and extremely photogenic, who still likes to play like a puppy sometimes. It is very funny watching him bounce around, wagging his tail, pretending to be chased, and running free.

ran over
hahah!! 😛

He is ready for his forever home, and he deserves one. If you wish to adopt him, you can email the charity at: info@spazgreece.gr or message their Facebook page. You can visit his entire album here.

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