Rescue Anniversary Of The Dog Who Made Me Who I Am

I am not going to tire you with boring, heartbreaking long sentences, nor go through Billy’s rescue story again. Most of you probably follow me because of him, so I don’t need to introduce him to you. He has been shared so many times already anyway, that it’s more enough.


I was going to take a day off my blog today, so this is not a typical post either. I just got a message from Billy’s mum about half an hour ago, so guess who’s not taking a day off! “Happy second year anniversary” said that message, accompanied by the photo of Billy on the beach.

“Fall 2016 collection”

Guess who had completely forgotten about it? Me! Two years ago, on a Friday night, I first saw him in flesh and blood, being pulled out of its box at the clinic, and I remember that moment like it was yesterday. On November 7th, 2014, I became who I am today, and I owe it all to that dog.

“Tinder profile picture”

There are a couple of reasons why I chose to write about him (again), and the first one is to punish myself for forgetting what day it is today. The second one is that he is simply too gorgeous, to have his new pictures go unnoticed – I just wanted you to admire his awesomeness, and the third reason is that I simply could not help it.

“I was sleeping on the floor, and suddenly this thing exploded in a million pieces”

Billy has been a part of my life for two years now, or way or the other. After all this time, I have completely forgotten who he was. Today, he is just the funny, gorgeous dog of a friend who is too proud of him and keeps sending me his photos – accompanied by the funniest captions ever (I;m copying them in this post), celebrates his rescue and adoption birthday and keeps count on the number of countries and cities Billy has visited.

Ancient Greek relief: “actuated dog”

And this is as far as I want to go, digging into their lives one more time. There was always something about that that dog that always made people want to know and see more and more of him – Billy had fans here in Greece, who begged us to let them visit him just once, as if he was a monument, and I know he has fans in Switzerland too. But I guess it’s about time we let him be – or maybe not.

“Sorry, can’t hear you over the sound of my awesomeness”

Anyway, happy birthday Billy. I’m sorry for forgetting about it – although I know you couldn’t care less.

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2 thoughts on “Rescue Anniversary Of The Dog Who Made Me Who I Am”

  1. we all have that one moment that changed our life. mine was a wonderful angel named Bo. he was a huge black lab that his previous ‘human ‘ came home drunk and ran him over with a full size pick up truck three times causing multiple broken bones , a spinal injury and too many other injuries to count. at the end of surgery he had over 130 stitches- cast over his entire body and limbs!
    i started off sitting with him every night at the vets while we prayed he would heel, not only physically but his heart and soul.
    he became my first foster and my first foster fail . i truly admit if anyone had ever attempted to hurt this loving soul it would have brought out the dark side we all have for i surely would have killed them without hesitation.
    he also became the real foster parent in our home. every creature i brought home to foster ended up sleeping with ‘Papa Bo ‘. he protected them, cleaned them, and gave them unconditional love – no matter what the species.
    he was the light of my life , my home.
    he lived a wonderfully happy life running and playing on 10 acres with his wonderful pond he loved so .and when he aged to a ripe old age he began suffering with the terrible arthritics that settled in all of those old injuries that monster caused, and he eventually told me –
    it was time.
    it was without a doubt the hardest thing i ever had to do in my life, to let him go and the only reason i could was my love for him.
    i could not let him suffer , we had both spent our hearts protecting
    each other.
    it has been over 22 years since he went onto his next journey and i still cry for him and he is still the greatest love of my life. any good works i have done is because of him and in honor of him

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