Rescue Birthday For Apollo – 4 Years Ago Today…

I have no idea when Apollo was born, and frankly I do not care. His life started on February 1rst, 2013, when I picked him from the street in front of my apartment and brought him home.

He went out in the balcony, laid on a carpet, and slept for 36 hours in a row – that’s how exhausted he was. The next day I posted about him in the local charity’s Facebook page, saying “he is being fostered temporarily until a permanent home is available” (yeah, right; lol). Every year, on February 2, Facebook likes to remind me of that first post, so every year, I celebrate his rescue birthday one day after the actual rescue.

My first post about him in ZEIL Facebook page, on February 2.

I love looking at this first photo of him; you can see everything about who he is in it, the fear, the sweetness, the sadness, and the gratefulness. Apollo was the very first dog I ever rescued, he is the first dog that made me follow my instinct and take him off the street without thinking about what my next move would be. He is the reason I became a social media “addict” and started following animal welfare pages and rescue groups. He is even the reason why I created my Youtube channel – the very first video was about him, because I just needed to share with the world how awesome a dog you pick from the street can be.

Enjoying his “birthday” cake, made of dry food, yogurt, pasta, chicken, potatoes and carrots.

Mark Twain once wrote: β€œthe two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” I don’t celebrate Apollo’s actual birthday, because I have no idea when he was born. I know that he spent the first years of his life being abused and mistreated. Every rescue dog is reborn at home. They do not become the happy pets you want them to be since day one, but they do eventually; and when they do, their life before they came to you is as trivial as the silly candle I bought for his home made cake today. πŸ˜›

Oh yogurt my yogurt!

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