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Rescue Boxer Saves Mother Cat and Her Kittens

I don’t know where to begin. I met with the “family” for a couple of hours. Elizabeth would take the photos, I’d make the video and basically we would help the kittens find a home – I had even come up with a title for the video already: “Rescue Boxer …bla bla..” But there’s so much more to it than just another “aww” cuteness overload story that I’m not even sure I can give you a clear image of what all that actually means. These six represent so much, basically almost everything we rescuers in Greece fight for, and will keep fighting, until we are no longer needed.

Gina, Lucy and the kittens are here to talk about everything: abandonment, abuse, rescue, adoption, fostering. They are here to talk about our next door neighbor who keeps a chained dog in his back yard, about how this chained, unsocialized dog has the potential of becoming a perfect pet, about the ridiculously slow and painful procedure of protecting the innocent souls in Greece, about the kind lady who lives across the street and yet dumps her cat and newborn kittens next to a dumpster, about people who walk by an animal in need and just pretend not to see it, and about people who pick it up, take in and nurture it.

rescue boxer

Basically, it is a story about every dog’s and a cat’s life in this ugly place we call home, it’s a story about everything and everyone. Read it carefully, and you’ll find yourself in one of the characters. Every single type of person, ranging from abuser to rescuer, is in it, with the vast majority being the ones in the “grey area”, the indifferent.

rescue boxer


Gina is a Boxer – or maybe a Boxer mix, but who cares. She spent the first three years of her life chained in a back yard and beaten on a daily bases. The neighbors say that she’d cry herself to sleep every single night. She even became a mother and saw her puppies drown in the mud, while she was unable to help them in any way. It took three long years and numerous reports to the police for Gina to be finally rescued. This is how slow things are here. The police report states that every corner of the owner’s house was covered in Gina’s blood. So she was finally removed from his “care”. Was he punished? No. Was he forbidden to ever own a dog in the future? Nope. Can you now picture the Greek society, the laws, the justice system and the ridiculousness of all the above? Probably.

rescue boxer

Gina was adopted by a wonderful woman, Mary. She is now eleven years old and is one of the most amazing dogs I ever met. Mary is a dedicated foster mum as well. A lot of rescue dogs were placed under her care until a forever home was found, and Gina stood by each and every one of them.

rescue boxer

About a month ago, in one of her walks around the neighborhood, Gina spotted Lucy, a mother cat abandoned as trash next to a dumpster, along with her four extremely adorable kittens. She pulled Mary and basically pointed the family. All seven returned back home, and have been living together ever since. Lucy, the mother cat, is adopted by Mary. The four kittens are up for adoption by SCARS, one of the Greek rescue groups deeply involved in cat rescue and TNR. If you are interested in adopting one of them, please contact the organization at or message their facebook page.

rescue boxer

The story is amazing. It truly is. The cuteness in every aspect of these six is constantly there, making you smile every single moment. The ugliness behind the cuteness is also there. This is what we fight for in Greece – at least some of us. And we’ll keep fighting, until there are no more newborn kittens asphyxiated in plastic bags in every single dumpster, until nobody has a neighbor who keeps a chained dog in his back yard – or worse…are you ready? – on the roof of a block of flats(!), until animal abuse cases finally make it to the eight o clock news and until the police arrives when called, and not three years later.

rescue boxer

(Gina was neutered years ago, in case you are wondering, and so will Lucy once she stops nursing 🙂 )

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  1. I admire every person who has the heart to rescue, foster, or love animals. Animals are so forgiving and so much more loving than human beings. I live for the day when we can “save them all*.”

    *Best Friends Society

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