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Rescue Cat With Severe Injuries Becomes A Spoilt Prince

Frog’s story is as devastating and as sad as can be. Just another rescue cat found wandering around an urban area in southern Greece, dragging his hind leg, with a broken spine and severely malnourished. Who knows how long it would take him to simply give up on life.

He was rescued by a SCARS volunteer and was brought to Athens, where he was blood tested, x-rayed and fed – oh he was hungry! Probably hit by a car, Frog was left with a broken spine, a broken hind leg, and a dead hind leg that had to be amputated. Apart from the brutal injuries, probably a result of a hit and run or simple sadism, the x-rays showed something even worse: Frog had also been shot at some point in his life – the embedded bullets in his body don’t lie.

rescue cat

Frog must have been in terrible pain for a long time. Having to survive on the streets dragging his dead leg and trying to walk straight while his shattered spine and the internal injuries were killing him slowly, he never stopped purring every time he felt a gentle hand touching him lovingly. We named him Frog and promised him that he would be transformed to a gorgeous prince once again.

rescue cat
Frog a few days after his surgery

And he did. Oh, he is a prince all right – a spoilt, snob and well fed prince, whose favorite hobby is eating. He loves to hang around in his foster home, gazing at who knows what, contemplating his new life and letting be treated as deserved. He keeps purring, he loves to lay on your feet and just stay there. It looks as if Frog actually was a prince once in his life, and now, after his recovery, he went back to doing what he does best: sit around, be cute and let be spoilt.

rescue cat
Frog showing off, proud, confident and with that huge heart print on his chest that we fell in love with

Frog is one great example of who amazing can rescue pets be. Animals live the present. Their past might be as sad as can be, but they have an amazing capacity of forgetting and moving forward. I think that one of the reasons why people are reluctant to adopt a rescue pet, end even more, a rescue pet that has suffered deeply, is that they have this erroneous idea of “adopting” a dog’s or cat’s past, its psychological issues and behavioral problems.

rescue cat
Frog posing among the toys he keeps ignoring

They could not be more wrong. All of us involved in rescue know it, and we’ll keep saying it until it is clear. Any rescue dog or cat, no matter how hurt, sick or abused has been in the past, can transform to a perfect pet – always according to their preexisting character. Frog, for example, is quiet, cool and lazy. Others are playful, curious, and hyperactive and others are timid and reserved. They all have their own character, their own personality, and their own past. But all of them are potential amazing pets and their past experiences might be sad for us, but they aren’t for them. They forget, they live the moment and embrace life every single day.

Frog has been adopted. You can check out the organization’s rescue cats for adoption here. Donations are more than welcome. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Rescue Cat With Severe Injuries Becomes A Spoilt Prince”

  1. Yes. A woman at Yoga today told me she was off to pick up, & adopt, two nine-years-of-age Cats that had been abandoned. Good story. YEAH to all us Rescuers. A lady told my friend that when we get to ‘Heaven’, all the Rescuers will get a free pass right in….[heaven is where the creatures are, of course]. Thankyou for the hard yards & the financial, psychological & physical cost that are involved in what you do. Keep up the wry humour, the stamina & the nailpolish….and, of course the two-way LOVE><.

  2. No act of kindness is ever in vain regarding the rescue of any animal-it is our conscience that dictates correct behavior-to rescue the abused,forgotten&forlorn

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