Rescue Of A Mother Dog And Her Family Exploited By A Street Beggar For Profit

SPAZ, the local charity of Glyfada, a suburb of Athens, Greece, had been informed about a Bulgarian beggar, who was exploiting a mother dog, while begging on the streets for money. He kept her tied and according to witnesses, he was constantly abusing her.

He kept a couple of her puppies in a box, and was trying to sell them. One morning, the police was called by SPAZ volunteers, and the beggar was taken to the local precinct, where he was reported for illegal trade. The mother and the puppies spent the night at the precinct, awaiting for a court order that would free them from him. The next morning, they were officially under the charity’s care, and within a few days, the father and four more puppies were confiscated too.

The family is now living temporarily at a dog pension. Both parents will be neutered soon. All eight are looking for their forever homes. The puppies are all male. If you wish to adopt them, you can email SPAZ at: or message their Facebook page. Donations are welcome (PayPal:

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