rescue pointers

Rescue Pointers – The Shelter’s Most Precious Jewel

Rescue Pointers? We just can’t have enough. Rescue comes in all forms, colors, sizes, and breeds. Personally, I am huge mix breed fan, and will continue to – there’s no evidence to the opposite so far. But it’s been about a year I volunteer at the Save a Greek Stray shelter, and it is where I got to meet… THE POINTERS!

rescue pointers
Aris, found emaciated and desperate, adopted / Save a Greek Stray

Save a Greek Stray has a thing about hunting dogs. From mix breed to purebred, when rejected by everyone else, they are taken in by Save a Greek Stray per dozens. Among all the types of hounds, the shelter has a soft spot for Pointers, and nobody can blame them.

Nelson, found emaciated and sick. For adoption / Save a Greek Stray

I had no idea about Pointers before. To me, like to most people, a Pointer were just another hunting dog breed, too active for my taste. But after getting to know them at the shelter and spending time with them, I came to the conclusion that they are not just another hunting dog breed.

rescue pointers
Obama, a black Pointer, and Love, a tiny mix Pointer, both adopted/Save a Greek Stray

Pointers are special, and I realize now why they have such a huge fan club worldwide. I have never read anything about them, nor have I done any research about the breed. What I know only comes from experience, based on the few rescues I met at the shelter.

rescue pointers
Nelson and Doritta playing, both for adoption/ Save a Greek Stray

I know now that Pointers are very loyal and human centered. They are people’s dogs, and as much as their noses distract them, people are a priority.

rescue pointers
Bob and Dylan, before -after. They are inseparable, for adoption/ Save a Greek Stray

I know that they make excellent couch potatoes. Even a Pointer who has spent all its life as a typical hunting tool, sleeping chained next to a barrel all its life, it will immediately recognize a couch when it sees one.

rescue pointers
Lia, adopted/ Save a Greek Stray

Pointers make excellent sleeping or cuddling companions for a couch. They have a way of fitting right into the corners of the couch, making the most of it. Having you by their side, will only make them even happier.

rescue pointer
Gandalf, adopted/ Save a Greek Stray

I also know that Pointers are social and need to feel that they have someone there with them. They are not loners; in fact they are the opposite of loners. People who have more than one Pointer as a pet can verify how these dogs love to sleep all piled up, hugging each other, taking comfort in the warmth coming from their companion’s body.

rescue pointers
Bounty, for adoption/ Save a Greek Stray

I know that a happy Pointer, is one that gets to experience the freedom of running loose in the countryside every day, but comes back to a warm home and a place on the couch.

rescue pointer
Sirocco,a pointer mix, found emaciated and with chemical burns, for adoption/ Save a Greek Stray

Last but not least, I am convinced by now that you cannot have only one pet Pointer – again, people who have two or more can verify what the company of one Pointer means to another.

rescue pointers
Sarah, for adoption/ Save a Greek Stray

The ones you see in all of Irini’s amazing photos were rescued by Save a Greek Stray. They were found abandoned, abused, emaciated, and sick. Some have been adopted and some are still looking for their forever home.

rescue pointers
The shelter’s pointers today. From left to right: Sarah, Bounty, Nelson, Doritta, Elina, Bob and Dylan/ Save a Greek Stray

To adopt a rescue Pointer, please contact the shelter at: or message their Facebook page. Donations are always welcome – PayPal:

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