Rescue And Transformation Of A Wild, Sick And Starving Dog

Shadow was a wild, stray dog, living in the outskirts of Athens, Greece. She used to sleep on a pile of garbage and feed off rotting corpses of livestock, abandoned in the field next to the house where the shepherd lives.

She was first spotted by a SPAZ volunteer, wandering among the trash and the corpses, emaciated, very sick and not friendly at all. Her rescue turned out to be a three day task. She would not approach people, and even when sedated she tried to break free, threatening to bite the rescuers. She was in desperate need of foster care, and after remaining a week at the clinic, Zaira took her in.


It took two months of hard work, patience, training and consistency, to turn her into a house trained, easygoing dog. She still has trust issues and is very suspicious of strangers, but who can blame her? She is excellent with other dogs and cats, she has been treated for leishmaniasis and is now ready for her forever home.

If you wish to give her a home, please email the charity at: or message their Facebook page. Donations are always welcome (PayPal:

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