Rescued Chiouaoua Can;t have Enough Of Butt Rubs!

Elsa and her sister (whose name I never remember) we rescued in Athens, Greece, in winter 2017. Believe it or not, the two girls were found abandoned on a mountain (!). No I am not joking..


Freezing to death, the two tiny dogs were left there, in the middle of nowhere and were rescued by Save a Greek Stray. They are both elderly (over ten years old) and they are the most adorable, cute little dogs I ever met. Spending an hour with them can literally make you day!

Elsa’s sister, with one of the shelter’s largest dogs, Haris

They are tender, friendly, happy, cute and so happy! Elsa is probably the funniest dog I ever met, and the video is no exaggeration. She can have her butt rubbed for hours and hours. Once you stop, she demands more and more, and if you ignore her, she rubs herself against furniture. She is still fat, but she was almost double this size when she was rescued. She has been adopted. 🙂


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