Rescued And Recovered From Mange, This Girl Now Needs A Home

Rescued, recovered etc, etc, bla bla bla.. Amazing recovery, bla bla, For adoption…bla bla etc, etc.. Oh…I am sorry. I am really sorry. I have been trying all day to come up with the right words for Eri’s story, but it was not easy.

You see it’s not her fault. It is definitely not her fault. Eri is an adorable sweetheart and I wish I could write this post about her using the right sentences, in the right order, convince you to share her story or consider adopting her. But I just can’t.

Eri when she arrived at the shelter.

Sometimes, we just can’t come up with the right words. Every time there’s is a dog like her arriving at the shelter, we bust our heads trying to come up with the right words, and post about it in a way that it reaches as many people as possible. But it is not easy. The first time is easy, because you have this dog in front of you that you just saved, it’s your first time, you are excited and happy and sad and proud and filled with all those feeling that you wanna share with the world.

Eri, two months after she was rescued.

But after having seen so many dogs like her come and go, the inspiration is gone. At least for me. After seeing so many recover and turn to amazing, loving animals and yet spend months or even years at the shelter, after knowing that adoption requests will only come for the white fluffy puppy or the only purebred among the hundreds of dogs like Eri looking for a home, after seeing their stories being shared a thousand times, and yet the comments below being limited to a “God bless you” and nothing else, the inspiration is gone.


Eri was rescued from the streets of Greece by Save a Greek Stray. Suffering with mange and leishmaniasis, she was found in the middle of the highway, minutes before being ran over by a car. She endured the confinement, the injections, and the long recovery without ever complaining. She turned out to be a gorgeous girl, beautiful inside and out.

And after her recovery came the rescue video, and the posts and her adoption album was complete. And then the months went by, but Eri is still at the shelter, still waiting for that one and only person that will see her and say: “this one is for me”. And that’s a shame. It is frustrating, it is disappointing and it makes me furious.

Eri today – her left ear decided to stand!

So, this is Eri. These are her photos, this is her video and this is her story. I am sorry for this post, maybe it came out wrong or too abrupt, but last week I was looking at her, playing in the shelter’s patio and I got very angry. It’s not that she deserves a home more than the others, it’s just that, at some point we need to start paying attention to each rescue dog, and focusing on who they are, not what they look like. I know that there’s a family out there for her, I just wish that they stumble upon one of her photos, her video or this post and make the right choice.


If you wish to adopt her please contact Save a Greek Stray at: of message their Facebook page. Donations are always welcome (PayPal:


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2 thoughts on “Rescued And Recovered From Mange, This Girl Now Needs A Home”

  1. Is Eri still available for adoption? Can you please provide me with more information about the adoption process? Thanks a lot!

    1. Hello! Yes she is available. For information on the adoption process you need to contact the organization at: Normally, if you are in Europe, the home check and all the rest is performed by a collaborating European charity. 🙂

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