Rescuers Discover Something Amazing About This Rescue Dog

Rescuers have seen almost everything in Greece, so nothing can surprise us anymore. There was something off about Oscar since day one, but then again, there was nothing wrong with him either. He was rescued from the streets of Greece by Save a Greek Stray in April 2016. Only one year old, he had to survive among a pack of stray dogs that would constantly bully and terrorize him. He arrived at the shelter very sick – leishmaniasis, mange, ehrichia, you name it.

Oscar a few days after he was rescued

Oscar was the sweetest boy ever – he still is. He endured the confinement, the shots, and the treatments with the patience and the kindness you rarely see. He spent the first month alone in his kennel and was so happy and excited every time he was visited, that you just wanted to hug him and squeeze him as tight as possible. He was squeezed all right, but about a month later, when he had already recovered from the mange.

During the first weeks Oscar suffered from a terrible itch that forced him to scratch constantly.

He was also a very clean dog – he still is. He always waited for his morning walk – his kennel was the cleanest we had seen in a long time. We took him for small walks around the shelter and tried to spend time with him. Confinement is temporary – we know it, but they don’t. Having a dog that craves for love being returned to the kennel, every time, away from everybody, is just too difficult. We’d leave and he kept staring at us with those beautiful, huge eyes of his, hungry for love, hungry for everything he was deprived off.


Save a Greek Stray is a shelter with a huge experience in treating dogs like him. The volunteers have seen too much – nothing can ever surprise us anymore. But Oscar did. It took us a few weeks to realize what was actually “off” about him. Our vet confirmed it, and were left speechless.

I’m not gonna tell you what it is. You just won’t believe it. It’s all revealed in the video at about 3:20. Please don’t skip the first minutes – watch until 3:20 and try imagining what could probably be “off” about him. If you think he’s just a normal, happy dog, then that’s what he is, and nothing else.

Oscar today

I get many comments on the video asking, “What is amazing” about that. Well, amazing is the fact that you’ll probably go on watching for more than three minutes wondering what could probably be wrong with a dog that looks happy, healthy and loves to run around all playful and free. And the truth is that there is nothing wrong with Oscar actually. Nor is there anything wrong with other dogs or cats that have the same “problem“. If it is not a problem to them, why should it be to us?


Adorable Oscar is up for adoption by Save a Greek Stray. Visit his adoption album here. If you are interested in adopting him, please email the shelter at: or message their Facebook page. You can also donate via PayPal at:

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