Rescuers Find Pit Bull Shoved In A Bag And Drowned Alive In Greece

Rescuers in  northern Greece came  across a horrific sight on April 9, 2016.  In a  plastic bag washed up ashore was a female young Pit Bull, that had suffered a horrible death.

Marks on the dog’s body, and a piece of her skull that is missing prove that the dog was brutally beaten beaten.  Feces found inside the bag mean that the poor animal was drowned alive.


The two women called the police and the coastguard, and had to wait three hours until either of them showed up. Who cares about just another drowned dog, right?

So the women (…) asked for an autopsy…but the precinct just refused.

After the authorities arrived, the started arguing about whose responsibility the case was.  It turned out that it was not the coastguard’s but the police’s .  So the women filed a complaint against an unknown person, and asked for an autopsy…but the precinct just refused.


The rescuers insisted and the following day, the dog ‘s body was transferred with police escort to the veterinary department of the county, where an autopsy will be performed.




This is one of those posts where I simply translate the original post from Greek, give a big hug to my dogs and keep my mouth shut. You can see the original post here.


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3 thoughts on “Rescuers Find Pit Bull Shoved In A Bag And Drowned Alive In Greece”

  1. I already told Elizabeth: on April 10, a hunter who was out and about with his dog found a dead dog in a lake, really close to where I used to live. The body was already decaying, the poor soul had weights around his neck.
    What I will never, never, never understand is why there seems to be no mercy possible. Here, you can surrender any pet to an organization and no questions are asked. Surely this is possible in Greece, too. Why let them suffer such an agonizing death?? This is cruelty and sadism at its worst and the reaction the authorities showed only make matters worse.
    Did I ever tell you about what I wrote to the mayor of Nafpaktos? The one where I kindly requested him to help Yiota? I asked him if the Greeks might consider to be nicer to their animals and laws would be better enforced if the government would be let off paying back f*###*g seven (!!!) billion Euros this summer??? Would that help?? Is this all about poverty or are animals generally seen as a major nuisance?
    You don’t have to answer me, I know you are hurting, too…. I just had to get this off my chest.

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