Robocat – Tiny Rescue Kitten Is The Funniest Baby Ever

Robocat is what we call him, because in rescue, the best thing you can do is stay positive and always look on the bright (and funny) side of things. Otherwise you risk ending up in a psyche word. What we see every day is just too much to handle. And when people ask how do we deal with it, the answer is not always easy to hear. We deal with it laughing. At least I do. I laugh a lot.

Chance at the clinic the day he was rescued.

The kitten’s actual name is Chance. He was rescued by SCARS (Second Chance Animal Rescue Society), he was partly given the charity’s name, because he was one of those cases that make you wonder whether he can have a normal life or a life of misery.

His first x-rays

His legs were completely shattered. Smashed. He was found by a SCARS volunteer near a cat colony she monitors. Robocat (sorry, Chance) was probably run over by a car and his two tiny front legs broke to pieces. Catching him was not easy and having him examined by the vet was not easy either. Chance was a wild kitten, and wild kittens, not matter how tiny, cute and sweet they look, have their way of reminding you their feral background.

“Laughing is a way of handling cases like this and laughing with a rescue animal is deliberating”

Our blue parenthesis posing after the surgery. The black thing under his tiny body is an animal handling glove.

Chance was operated in both front legs and will remain in a crate until he recovers. Keeping him there is not easy either. He’s obviously in pain, he does not understand what’s going on, he’s grumpy and upset. In order to have his crate cleaned up, Chance needs to be removed twice per day, and during the first week this was not easy either. His foster mum had to use animal handling gloves, because Robocat’s tiny piranha teeth were looking for blood!

Chance sunbathing while his crate is being cleaned – and obviously annoyed by the volunteer’s hand behind him.

Lately Chance has started changing. And when cats change, they do it from one day to the other. It’s like they have an on/off button, and one day they simply wake up deciding that they trust you. We don’t need the gloves anymore to handle him. We can lift him gently, take him out of the crate, and keep him company while he sunbathes and while his crate is being cleaned. And we can finally pet him. He even lets us tickle his belly.

Chance trying a different pose.

So why is Robocat so funny? Well, at first he wasn’t. Having a small baby screaming in pain and not even knowing whether he’s going to make it or not is not funny. But Chance is not in pain nor danger anymore, so we can call him Robocat and laugh with him. We laugh with the cast on his legs that make him look like a parenthesis when he tries to stand. We laugh with the blue bandages around it and picture him wrapped up in different colors – personally, I think that he would look great in green. We laugh with his grumpiness and that constant suspicious look on his eyes (“are they trying to kill me?”, “are they friend or foe?”, “If I look vicious enough will they leave me alone?”)

Chance’s x-ray after the surgery (and how we came up with the Robocat name for him)

Laughing is a way of handling cases like this. Laughing with a rescue animal is deliberating. Laughing makes you feel good, and knowing that the silly, tiny creature in front of you will be safe from now on is a reason to feel good too. Besides, not matter how hurt, abused or neglected rescue pets are, each and every one of them have some silly, funny aspects of their character, that make them who they are, like all pets. And their silliness is so adorable that is what makes them adoptable.

He also tried red, but didn’t like it. 🙂

SCARS is a charity with huge experience in cat rescue. Robocat, Renata, the three-legged little brats, the blind gang, Frog and so many more have been rescued and are being treated by some of the best cat people in Greece. The charity is based 100% on donations. If you wish to help or adopt, contact the organization at: or message their Facebook page.

*Robocat has been reserved and will be adopted once he recovers!

Yellow it is! After trying on different outfits, I think yellow is his color! In a few days his right leg will be checked, and if it is ok, this will be the last outfit he’ll ever try on.

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  1. Every line of this article is true and a very good read, too!! Thank you for telling those stories, which need to be told. Little Robocop might not know yet, but his future home will make up for all the suffering and I am looking forward to Happy End pics with a running and jumping Chance. Thank you <3

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