Sad, Lonely Stray Dog Is The Happiest Boy After His Adoption

Sad, lonely and fearful, Arnie was spotted by E., a SCARS volunteer in a gas station on the highway, about 65 kilometers from Athens, Greece. A calm, silent giant, looking at you with those huge, green eyes, but not approaching, thin, neglected and with a dermatological disease that made him scratch unstoppably.

Arnie’s rescue video:

She fell in love, photographed him and went back to Athens leaving her heart there next to him, with a promise to be back soon. And she did. And I went with her. 48 hour later we were back and we spent hours in that gas station, trying to help that giant who was asking for help, but at the same time refused to let us help him.


After catching him and putting him in the car everything was a piece of cake, because the giant is one of the most submissive and kind animals I have ever met. Arnie is a huge dog with the heart of a kind, silly baby. After taking his time and trusting people again, he turned out to be a funny, sweet boy.

Arnie and his roommate, Izmir

He is still a young dog, and when what’s left of his puppyhood comes out from time to time and he tries to play, it’s the funniest and most adorable thing to watch. 50 kilos (maybe more) bouncing around, digging in the sand and doing ridiculously adorable happy dances around his human.

Arnie in his forever home

Arnie was adopted a few days ago.  His new name is Barney (from Barney Bear) and he will be sharing a home (and a life) with his mum Marilli, Izmir – an adopted hunting dog and five cats (Matias, Titica, Bom Bom,  Soya and Fani). He already met all seven members of his new family, and they went along perfect. The happy, funny dog, digging in the sand and running around all happy has nothing to do with the sad, lonely creature we rescued that night. Absolutely nothing.


And now I can finally say something I always wanted to say since the moment we came back from that gas station. While E. was trying to catch him, a woman approached, all noisy and suspicious, trying to convince her that we should not rescue him. “I am taking care of him, he belongs here, leave him alone” – that’s what she said. I swear. So here is an advice for all the people out there who believe that strays belong on the streets: STUPID YOU ARE, BREED YOU MUST NOT!” (Ah! What a relief!).

Arnie and his new mum.








Arnie was rescued by SCARS – Greece. You can follow the charity’s Facebook  page here. Donations are welcome (

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6 thoughts on “Sad, Lonely Stray Dog Is The Happiest Boy After His Adoption”

  1. Aaww, great! We just discussed him about two weeks ago, remember? I couldn’t help but grin looking at the two pictures where Arnie/Barney seems to be willing Izmir to vacate the couch and ét voilà: next picture Izmir is lying on the floor and guess who’s on the couch!! I get these irritated looks everytime I dare to lie (or seat) myself on Pebbles’ side of the couch:) Usually, we both end up on this side and just fall asleep lying next to each other…..
    This news really made my day!!

  2. What an awesome dog. So glad he found a home. Really tragic that there are so many cruel and heartless pet owners out there who mistreat and abandon their dogs. If I were king I would test people to make sure they are psychologically fit to own a dog before they are allowed to have one.

  3. Barney, I am so happy, that my heart sings for you….I wish I could help every dog i help like this….I wish i could go to places and travel the world and help each lonely dog I meet…I wish….

  4. Thank you for all the good work you do to rescue and save abandoned, strayed, abused animals. I pray that God will bless you abundantly, you all are angels for animals placed here on earth. Please keep up the selfless unconditional work you do. I continue to be an advocate and voice for animals!! Barney is beautiful and perfect 🐶❤️🎉

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