Sad Stray Puppies Recover From Mange And Transform Into Adorable Little Brats

The number of puppies abandoned in Greece every year is unimaginable. Nobody know how many they are really, like nobody knows how many strays there are here.


Stray dogs, and puppies like the one in the video are simply expendable – either they are lucky enough to be rescued in time, or they vanish. Starvation, disease, poison, cars – something will get them eventually. The births are uncontrollable, especially in the countryside, where “pet” (more like back yard, guard, chained, hunting) dogs keep breeding and the puppies are disposed of by their mother’s owner somewhere on a mountain, the trash, the street, anywhere.


The rescue organizations and the shelters can only take in a specific number of dogs each time. It is a no kill country, so the dogs stay with us until a forever home is found, and that might take years. Basically this means that the huge number of abandoned puppies has nowhere to be placed most of the times, and volunteers struggle, being obliged to care for dogs on the streets.


The five puppies in the video were rescued by Save a Greek Stray from the streets of Greece. They come from two different litters, but the all recovered together at the shelter’s infirmary. They all suffered from mange, and in the beginning they were all sad puppies. Can you realize how devastating this is? A sad puppy? Anyway, today they have all recovered and are looking for their forever homes.

To adopt them please email the Save a Greek Stray at: or message their Facebook page (link below). Donations are more than welcome. Follow this link and find out how to help the charity save more dogs like them. Follow the charity’s Facebook page here.

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