the scars

The Scars In A Dog’s Head – Jenny’s Story

Jenny was found by a woman in a small town, hiding behind a car, with a huge spear penetrating her skull. She was probably one of the millions of stray dogs, surviving on the streets of Greece every day.

the scars

Their very existence makes them unwanted, and if they dare reproduce, they are even more unwanted. Jenny was probably annoying the people there, and the fact that she gave birth somewhere in the neighborhood was the obviously “the straw that broke the camel’s back”. Her puppies “disappeared”, obviously thrown away in the trash, and she was punished for existing by being hit with that trident and left there to die (or simply suffer).

the scars
Jenny and Bonnie playing in the garden of their foster home

She was adopted in Greece and returned (!) – don’t ask who returns a dog that has suffered so much, because you might not like the answer. Today she is under the care of SCARS, and the charity is determined to find her the best home possible. She lives with Bonnie, her best friend, who is also looking for a home. You can check out Bonnie’s video here.

To adopt Jenny or Bonnie (or both!) please email the charity at: or me at:

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