Senior Rescue Dog Loves Car Rides

Senior, sick, starving and abandoned somewhere in the outskirts of Athens, Greece, Tina found shelter in the offices of a company, went in and slept for hours.

I was there a few hours later to pick her up, and that was the first time he rode in my car. That first trip from there to the vet was a delight.

Our first car ride

Tina’s huge face next to mine, pressing against my cheek and looking at the road  had me smiling for hours.


More car rides came after that. From the vet to the dog pension, from the dog pension to the vet again. From the vet to my house, from my house to Linda’s house, where she was fostered for Easter.

Second week

Everything about Tina makes me smile. It’s that way she makes me feel, happy…she makes me happy. But the car rides are the thing I am longing for every week. Driving around Athens, with Tina’s soft, huge head next to mine just…drives me crazy.

Third week

Today we did a lot of driving. From her foster home to the beach, from the beach to the vet and from the vet to my house.  It’s been about six hours since we came back and I still have this smile on my face. I can’t describe the feeling – maybe you can understand from the photos.


You can actually see her entire progress just by looking at the car selfies in chronological order. Since that first one, with her head down low to the one from today, where she looks all smiley and proud.


Tina is  still recovering from mange. She is 12 years old and she is looking for a home where she can spend her final years. She is simply awesome. You can follow her progress in the SCARS Facebook page. You can read her rescue story here.

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