From Shadows To Life – The Dog That Thrived Against All Odds

There’s little I can say about Shadow anymore, it’s all in this video. When adopted dogs are being returned within a couple of days with stupid excuses like “it chewed my shoes” etc, this adoption is a triumph for all of us rescuers, and for all the dogs who have been wronged in the past, and who will be wronged in the future.

I am very angry at the first vet who examined her (did it show?), but this is my personal opinion, and does not depict the charity’s formal opinion, only mine. Shadow did not suffer from mange, as we (they) thought, only from leishmaniasis, that made her lose her hair and have her body covered in wounds.

You can help SPAZ, the charity that rescued her, by donating a small amount. You can follow their Facebook page here.
*Zaira’s new foster dog, Beauty, is looking for a home. You can watch her story here.

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