Shot In The Face And Blinded, This Stray Dog Now Has A Family That Adores Him

Shot in the face – this was Morgan’s “reward” for approaching one of us “humans” for affection, on February 6, 2015, in Elefsina, in the outskirts of Athens, Greece.

Morgan was wandering for 20 whole days, bleeding, blinded, with a hole on his face. The local volunteers finally managed to catch him – had they not caught him, he would have died a slow and painful death, like so many others like him, who were never rescued on time.

If you are appalled by the level of cruelty and injustice, I’m sorry, but there is more to the story. There were witnesses of the crime, eyewitnesses. None of them was willing to testify, the man was never found. He went unpunished, and I guess he is still roaming free among the people of the area, who know very well who he is and what he is capable of, and yet allow him to be one of them.

“I already had two dogs when I first saw Morgan on Facebook. I am not a hoarder – although I have been accused of it, I am not even a volunteer. Today, Morgan is an amazing dog, like the rest of my adopted strays. I am proud when I walk beside him. For all the pain and the misery you have caused him, he got double the love from us”.

That’s what his mum Tonia wrote about him, on the anniversary of his rescue. He weighed 15 kilos when she first saw him, and today he weighs 34. He was a nobody, a trash that someone could shoot and go unpunished, and today he is somebody. He has a name, a family, a home. He is loved and spoilt and happy.

The Penny Marathon stood by Morgan’s ordeal, and in a few weeks, Morgan will be repaying the charity. He will be present at the Penny Marathon in Athens on 16 July, “to show his support for his fellow strays and gratitude to those supporters of the Penny Marathon who helped pay for his medical bills.”

I can’t wait to meet him. In fact I am so excited, that I feel like I am about to meet a star. For us rescuing, dogs like him are like film stars. Some are so famous that in a way we “envy” the ones involved in their rescue, wishing that we could be part of it too.

The registrations for this year’s Penny Marathon have opened for Sydney Australia and for Athens, Salamina, and Kalamata in Greece. Visit the Penny Marathon Facebook page or Website and find out how to join in, or how to organize a marathon in your city for next year! Once a year, we run for dogs like Morgan, for the ones that don’t have a voice. And every year, there is more of us, and more, and more.

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2 thoughts on “Shot In The Face And Blinded, This Stray Dog Now Has A Family That Adores Him”

  1. Morgan , you are a survivor, you have triumph over the horrific pain that was inflicted on you from the evil lowest life form in Greece. You are happy , safe and so well loved in a loving family, I wish you live a long and happy life. Your survival , strength and happiness is more than what that monster will ever have in his lifetime . You are more gifted and blessed than what he has.
    May you enjoy your life and always be loved.

  2. It never shocks me now to see the evil mankind is capable of to beautiful animals and is why my life is dedicated to amimal welfare bless you all that help in Greece and lovely to see that lovely guy shot by some scumbag that includes the people who. Watched and never helped I could easily shoot them all myself hell is waiting for them!! Thankyou for caring x

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