Shot, Run Over And Almost Paralyzed, This Cat’s Dreams Came True

Shot, run over by a car and found almost paralyzed, starving and in terrible condition, Frog’s recovery and adoption made us all cry happy tears. Frog’s story is as devastating and as sad as can be. Just another rescue cat found wandering around an urban area in southern Greece, dragging his hind leg, with a broken spine and severely malnourished. Who knows how long it would take him to simply give up on life.

Frog the day he arrived to Athens.

He was rescued by a SCARS volunteer and was brought to Athens, where he was blood tested, x-rayed and fed – oh he was hungry! Probably hit by a car, Frog was left with a broken spine, a broken hind leg, and a dead hind leg that had to be amputated. Apart from the brutal injuries, probably a result of a hit and run or simple sadism, the x-rays showed something even worse: Frog had also been shot at some point in his life – the embedded bullets in his body don’t lie. After the amputation, Frog remained in the care of volunteers for a couple of months. On August 29 he traveled with his foster mum to Venice, where he was adopted by a German woman who lives there.

Here are some more info on Frog that his video does not cover:

Why travel so far away to get just one cat?

Because some animals simply hit a nerve, Frog’s situation looked desperate, and SCARS, the charity that took him in, is one of the best in cat rescue with a huge experience in special needs cases.

Frog at the vet clinic, one day after his rescue.

What was Frog like at first?

Amazing. Very affectionate and tender since day one. He kept purring and purring.

Most adorable thing about him: the heart shaped black spot on his chest.

Why wasn’t he operated for his spinal injuries?

Because his spine had already self healed. Although not perfect, Frog was not in any pain, and putting him through surgery just to straighten up his spine involved more risks than potential benefits.

Frog ignoring the toys – just like a spoilt prince!

Does he have a normal life?

Yes, perfectly normal. His right hind leg was also broken and has some trouble standing on his three legs for too long. But he can walk, go to the toilet and even jump on the bed without a problem.

Frog and his mum.

Are cats like him often get adopted?

No, they don’t. Most people prefer healthy, intact kittens. But we keep trying as much as we can we believe that eventually, all our rescues will find the home they deserve.

Frog meeting his new friend.

Did you ever consider putting him to sleep?

No, never.

Frog and his new friend enjoying a sunny day in the garden.

How is his life in Venice?

Frog (now called Prince by his mum) is a quiet and easygoing cat. He shares the house with another cat and a dog. Their relationship is calm and friendly. They don’t interact a lot. Frog was always a quiet and lonely cat. He mainly spends his time on his mum’s feet, when she’s at home and for now, he stays in a separate room when his mum is not in the house. Recently he started playing a bit – he never played when he was in SCARS care.

Meeting mum!

Big thanks to Peace 4 Paws for helping Frog find his forever home.

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