Shot And Left Paralyzed, This Stray Puppy Found Her Dream Home

Shot when she was only a few weeks old, in a village somewhere in central Greece, Nicky was left paralyzed. The bullet remained stuck in her spine, and it cannot be removed, so Nicky will be carrying the evidence of the worst of humanity in her tiny little body for the rest of her life.

The first vet Nicky was taken to, suggested that they put her to sleep – but that was not an option. A paralyzed dog can have a good life, as long as it is being taken care of properly. Nicky will probably never walk again, but she might regain some usage of her back legs with proper physiotherapy and hydrotherapy.

Nicky in her foster home

When I first met Nicky, she was in Linda’s care, living with Spok, another handicapped dog, left paralyzed after being kicked. I have never met dogs happier than those two. Their joy makes you rethink everything you think you know about disability – they never felt disabled really.

Nicky was fostered by Linda for months, and she left for her forever home in the UK just a few weeks ago. Letting go of a dog that you have fostered for so long is not easy, and I know that Linda cries her eyes out every time one of her own leaves. But what makes her an amazing foster mum is that she is always more than ready to take in the next dog in need – and all dogs that live under her roof are dogs in desperate need of care.










Nicky found a home in the UK through New Hope Dog Squad . She flew from Greece a few weeks ago, without looking back, carrying the bullet in her spine.  Her family even made her a Facebook page. “Hi, I’m Niki – When I was just a few weeks old someone shot me in the back. But has that stopped me? No! This is my page describing my adventures” – that’s the short description on “Niki’s wheelie  adventures” – check it out!!

Niki and her new pack!

Seeing her in these photos, in front of the fireplace, with her silky, ebony fur shining and that silly, happy smile on her cute little face made my heart melt. She deserved it. She deserves all the love and attention, she deserves to be spoilt and spoilt and spoilt. She deserves to live the life of a princess, and she is still so young. She has her whole life ahead, and it will be a good life.

Nicky finally at home!

Linda has set her own crowd funding campaign – if you wish to make a small donation and help her raise money for the medical bills and the food of her foster dogs, you can visit her YOUCARING campaign here.

Nicky’s friend Spok is in a foster home in the UK and is still looking for a forever home. If you wish to adopt him please contact Greek Animal Rescue at:

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