Sick Dog Found In Terrible Condition Is Fighting For His Life

I know what you are thinking, “poor stray dog, it got sick and nobody would help him”. Meh… Very sick dogs like Prince Rhaegar (as the charity named him) don’t just appear out of nowhere one day, on the streets of a city.

So what has happened to them then? Well, it usually goes like this: a lowlife #%^%##%^ has a dog somewhere fenced, in a yard, a balcony, a farm – it doesn’t really matter. The dog has the audacity to not stay healthy, despite the fact that he never receives any antiparasitic treatments, spot ons etc.

The dog starts losing weight and hair, it smells bad and it is getting worse and worse. So it needs to be removed – make it someone else’s problem, as long as it is out of sight. The dog is like a plant in your garden that has gone bad, so you throw it away because it is -eww- so disgusting…

The dog is like a plant in your garden that has gone bad

Ok, maybe things with this particular dog didn’t go exactly like this – but then again, they probably did. This is not an exaggeration. I know people who have done the same thing with their dogs, and they thought it was ok to tell it to my face – because they simply thing that there is no other solution. The vet? Oh come on, the vet is there to groom and cuddle those tiny, fluffy, white dogs that live on someone’s sofa – the vet is not for dogs like Rhaegar who get sick and disgusting. Besides, any treatment might cost and I’d rather buy my son the new i-phone than spend money on a dog.

Prince Rhaegar was rescued by the local charity of Larissa, in Greece, and since I am too pissed to go on, I’ll just copy paste their own post:


“In this call for help we cannot say much … we will let the pictures speak for themselves. Do not ask us what the breed of those dog is, what is his color or what is his size … The Leismaniosis transformed him into a shadow of himself … a dog without skin, full of wounds to beg for help. He was found at the end of Volos street in the town of Larissa unable to do anything … We were just devastated when we saw his face and his look. Our volunteers carried him to Larissa Veterinary clinic. Victim of abandonment, Rhaegar has a leismaniosis (title 1/3200) but liver and kidney function normally. The vets said it would take time and patience to be cured and be transformed into a normal dog. He immediately started treatment with zylapour and Milteforan hoping for the miracle. He is currently being hospitalized in the vet clinic waiting to respond to the medication he takes. The cost of his 6 months treatment (medications and blood tests) will be 500 euros. We need your help in order to make the miracle and give Rhaegar the opportunity to be cured and why not to be adopted. Our resources have dried up, but Rhaegar has the opportunity to become healthy. We ask and invite all and each one of you to help Rhaegar to be healthy and find a loving family. Our work is based ONLY in our volunteers and your donations. We receive no other funding whatsoever.. You can donate here: ALPHA BANK ΙΒΑΝ GR4401407380738002002012159 (ΒΙC:CRBAGRAA) (account owner Animal Adoptions Larissa) or PAYPAL:”

You can follow the charity’s Facebook page here.

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