Sick Dog Living In A Sewer Is Rescued

Sick, alone, frightened and forgotten, this boy had suffered almost anything you can imagine, before the rescuers finally got to him.

Save a Greek Stray had been notified about a very sick dog living in a rural area called Kalamos, near Athens, Greece. A woman who has been feeding and caring for the strays in the area had tried to catch him twice in the past, but it proved impossible. He was extremely fearful and would disappear if approached.

Home. 🙁

The rescuers arrived and started looking around, but the dog was nowhere to be found. The sewer was spotted almost accidentally by one of them, and in fact it looked like a good hiding place for a dog like him – a dog that had lost all hope and was just waiting to die.

Can you see the mother tick among its off springs?

Sick, emaciated, hurt, and abused dogs are a common thing in Greece. you could actually say that nothing can surprise us anymore. But in this case, the pain was just too much. This boy suffers from everything, literally everything. Everything you can imagine has happened to him.

Just hours after the rescue, in the shelter’s kennel.

He suffers from horrible mange – that obvious. He has lost all his hair and his skin is just a huge open wound – even just touching his skin means tearing it apart as if it’s made of paper. We are still waiting for his blood test results, but it’s certain that mange will be the least of his problems. His body was a huge tick nest – you could actually see the mother tick surrounded by her off springs. And, as if all that was not enough, at some point in the past he must have been hit by a car. His hind leg is like a stiff piece of stick that is stuck next to his belly and it will probably have to be amputated.


He is at the Save a Greek Stray shelter, in confinement. He eats and drinks a lot and despite his horrible condition, he is quite a strong dog. He looks like one of those dogs that had never been in contact with a human before. Very frightened and reserved, he will let you pet him for a while, but he needs to be muzzled for everything else.


He’s confused. Being pulled out of the sewer was the best thing that could ever happen to him, but he doesn’t know it yet. He doesn’t know anything, he doesn’t understand why he is there and why those people care for him – I’m sure he doesn’t even realize he is being looked after. Like Petra, his body will be easier to heal than his soul – although man’s best friend, this boy has no idea who he is, no idea who we are, no idea how to be happy again. He still has a long way to go, but he is already so far from where he used to be – and he’s in very good hands.


For updates on his progress you can follow the SGS Facebook page. His photo album will keep being updated. Donations are more than welcome (PayPal:

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4 thoughts on “Sick Dog Living In A Sewer Is Rescued”

  1. The plight of Greece’s stray dogs, cats has been a horrible tragedy. Amazing people care given the desperate economic plight of so many. But for those like you who do care and go all out to save animals, thank you from bottom of heart. I work in coffee store and give to 4 USA animal rescue groups + AnimalAid India. Just don’t have extra $$. But sometimes can give one time gift.

  2. Please let me know how this boy is doing,it’s so heart breaking to see him in so much of pain :(,can’t imagine what he has been through,how is he doing please.

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