Sleeping Beauty – Nine Years In A Dog Shelter

Beauty was found abandoned as a puppy in Mani, Greece. She was taken in by the local charity, and spent the first nine years of her life in the shelter.

There are about 150 dogs living there, and only three volunteers, who struggle to make ends meet and who can only promote and rehome some dogs. Beauty just got unlucky. When she got sick with leishmaniasis in the summer of 2017, Zaira brought her to Athens, where she could finally live in a home, and receive proper care. Whatever happens, Beauty is not going back to the shelter. I am very anxious about this particular dog, and I want more than anything to see her thrive.

Despite everything, she is a happy, social and strong dog. Her treatment is going great, and Beauty finally is (and looks) healthy. Her foster mum Zaira always picks the most difficult and the sickest dogs to foster, so in the past six months she has lost three foster dogs who died in her arms. Beauty seemed to be the weakest one, but somehow she managed to pull through. That makes her a great fighter, and she deserves a chance to spend the rest of her life in a loving home (and her foster mum deserves at least one happy ending).

If you wish to adopt her, you can email me at:, or message me on facebook.

The charity who rescued her is Animal Protection Society Melios. You can see more about their work HERE.

Today she under the care of SPAZ, a chatity based in Athens.

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