Starving And Sick Rescue Dog Takes Her First Steps Towards Trust

Starving, alone, wild, very sick and surviving on her own, feeding off corpses somewhere in the outskirts of Athens, Greece, Shadow’s rescue was not an easy task – nor is fostering her.

She was rescued days before Christmas, on December 2016, and remained at the clinic for a couple of weeks. Fearful, aggressive and upset, she appears to be one of those dogs who have never been in contact with a human in the past.

Most dogs who are rescued when that sick are not easy to handle at first, and nobody can blame them. As they get sicker and sicker, they are more and more rejected, driven away, chased with stones, sticks, you name it. The more gruesome they are to look at the more people are disgusted, and their only “solution” to the problem of having such a dog begging for food outside their doorstep is to do everything they can so that the animal is just out of sight.


In case like these, fostering is more than necessary -it is the only way to prevent an animal like her from remaining the fearful, lonely soul she is. Finding a foster home for a dog like her is not easy, but Shadow was lucky. She is being fostered in one of the best homes ever, and is taking baby steps towards trusting again.


She spends her days between the crate and her bed, is being fed mainly by hand, and for now she only takes small walks around the house and out in the balcony on a leash, being lured with food. She will not be petted and she doesn’t seem to appreciate you being next to her really.


Yesterday she looked at her foster mum for the first time in the eye, approached her at her own will and sat in front of her. She follows the cats around the house, stares out the window and appears to be constantly questioning everything she sees, and everything that is going on around her.


You might find it weird, but in a way, she is beautiful. She is a confident, proud dog, and the way she sits proudly on her bed, crossing her feet and looking around her makes her seem as someone very important. And she is important. She might have spent her entire life as an outcast, but since December 22 she is someone, she has a name and people who will do everything they can to make her be the dog she can be.


Shadow was rescued by SPAZ. You can follow her progress on the charity’s Facebook page. Donations are always welcome (PayPal:

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5 thoughts on “Starving And Sick Rescue Dog Takes Her First Steps Towards Trust”

  1. She will be beautiful once again! I can’t wait to see how Shadow emerges with love and warmth and care finally in her corner. She reminds me a little of Monty. Do you have an update on how he’s doing?
    Huge love and respect for all your wonderful, compassionate, patient and inspiring work. x

    1. She does remind me of Monty too! Monty is better. he has gained back his fur but mentally he has a long way to go. He still does not trust anyone.

  2. Dear Valia,
    sometimes I can’t bear to watch your videos or read your posts, they hurt and anger me to the point where I literally break down in tears. If only mankind had as much will to be decent to all our animals the way the animals show their will to survive! No, we have wars to win, that’s important. We have to buy ourselves new cars, bigger homes, nicer clothes.
    Now, my next question is not just a sentiment, it’s quite serious: does any company in Greece or Europe associated with animals donate a part of their profit to animal welfare organizations like SPAZ or SGS? Purina for instance (as do some other brands) does a lot for animal welfare in the USA, by explicitly donating food to shelters and helping with placing pets in forever homes.
    As your allegory with the potatoes shows: if something (in this case a rescue) is “worthy” of so much attention and company money, then it has to be good. Let’s go to Strasbourg, or even New York!
    We spent a fortune for our purebred (and still are, she has a stomach as huge as the universe), but she is priceless. If SGS will allow us to adopt Petra, she will be our priceless Greek mix.

      1. Oh, don’t worry, Valia! We will find the time to talk in April, and if all works out, I will spend a few more days in Oropos/Athens to personally pick my new precious family member Petra:)

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