Stray Cat Knows Exactly Where To Hang Out And Be Served

Stray cats are the best survivors. One of the reasons why they don’t get that much attention from people (and even rescuers) is that they seem to have found the perfect formula, in order to be close to us, and yet independent. They make the most of the city the live in, and I am pretty convinced that actually believe that the city belongs to them.

Today I met a survivor cat. I was on my way to the vet, with my foster dog, Marta, and as we were walking on the sidewalk, I noticed something weird – a tiny, dark shadow, in front of a fisher’s shop, blending with the background, and yet sticking out.

It was a cat, sitting in front of the shop and looking in. I stopped and watched her. She did not move. And when I say she did not move, I mean that she was so still, that for a moment I thought it was just a decorative item.

I started photographing her. And she did not move. At some point she did turn around, because she had felt the dog behind her, and she was probably annoyed. The woman working there was kind enough to let me hang out and watch her behavior, as customers would come and go.
She also told me her story – and her name, which I have forgotten.


Apparently, the cat hangs out there, sitting in front of the fisher’s shop like a dog, and waits for her special treats. She does that all day. This is her spot, and it’s all hers. She is very friendly and polite, she even let me pet her after a while.

stray For me, this was the best advertisement that this shop could ever have to draw customers, but I was sad to hear from the lady who runs the place, that the actual customers don’t feel that way. Sadly, they don’t see what I saw, on the contrary, most of them are annoyed. How can you be annoyed by something so unique, funny and adorable?

I left feeling sorry for them. They are just sad people, not seeing the beauty in the little things. I actually doubt if they see any beauty in anything at all. If an adorable cat like her decorating your local fisher’s shop does not seem cute, then what is? Where do you see the beauty of the everyday life? How boring and miserable can you be, how petty and narrow minded?

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