Stray Cat Needed A Family, So She Followed Home A Dog

Stray cats are the best survivors I ever met, and when they want something, they will get it, no matter what. Simone was a stray cat, living in the streets of a suburb of Athens, Greece, who wanted more out of life.

Stray cats are the best survivors

She was lucky enough to be living in Aragon’s neighborhood – a dog very familiar with cats, since his mum is a volunteer who feeds and cares for the strays in the area. One day Simone simply followed Aragon and his mum. She accompanied them on their daily walk, and when they returned home, Simone did not intend to stay behind on the street.

Video of Simone and Aragon having fun:

Aragon and Simone living together was one very funny thing to watch.

The apartment door opened, and Simone forced her way into her foster home, where she spent a couple of months. Aragon and Simone living together was one very funny thing to watch. A bit intimidated and confused with his new housemate, Aragon tried to avoid her but was curious about her at the same time.

Simone, as a typical cat, determined to get what she wanted out of life, kept inviting him to play, leaving Aragon even more confused, and I was filming trying not to pee my pants laughing. They were just too funny, and too cute.

Simone on Aragon’s bed (of course!)

Simone was placed for adoption by SCARS, and was adopted soon after, by a friend of her foster mum, and I was left with this “aww how cute” video, whose existence I just remembered and needed to share it.

Tip: don’t underestimate the fun side of rescue 🙂

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