Stray Dog Disappears And Comes Back Brutally Abused

Stray dogs in Greece are on death row. Literally. They might not be piled up in shelters, scheduled to get a lethal injection on a specific date, but every day they spent on the streets is one day closer to a brutal and painful death, or abuse.

Argiris was one of the many stray dog living in a village near the town of Arta, Greece. He was a harmless, friendly boy, who was being fed and taken care of by volunteers of the local charity.


A few days ago, he went missing, only to be spotted 24 hours later in that condition. He was severely injured – on fact, it looked like someone tried to cut him in half. The fact that he was a friendly dog made things a lot easier for the abuser, that tortured him and apparently tried to kill him.

Argiris was taken to the vet, where his wound was cleaned and stitched. The wound seemed to be inflicted by some sort of agricultural tool, but that’s not all. Bullets retrieved from his wound revealed that he was also shot.


For now, the dog is recovering in the clinic, and the vet is optimistic. The local charity is asking anyone who know something about the incident to come forward – and that’s when most of us laugh hysterically, because nobody will even come forward, and even if they do, the police will do their best to cover it up, as usual.

So, this is Greece of the 21st century. Incidents like these are not isolated; in fact if I were able to share with you what I see every day only on my Facebook wall, you would probably unsubscribe, unlike and unfriend me.

You can follow Argiris’ progress in the charity’s Facebook page.

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