Stray Dog Violated By Having Football Team’s Name Spray Painted On Her

Stray dogs are in a constant game of Russian roulette (have said before). So, one day they live their lives among the “pack of humans” they consider they belong to, and the next day they are poisoned, ran over, abused or..spray painted.

Greece has a huge number of stray dogs and the situation is not going better – on the contrary, it’s getting worse and worse every day. It is absolutely impossible that all those souls are taken in, cared for and rehomed. The shelters are packed, our homes are full and there are always more dogs for adoption than forever homes available.


It’s not just the number of strays that keeps rising, it’s also the lack of education that keeps making us feel like we live in a third world country – and I am not exaggerating! Especially in rural Greece, the majority of the population won’t even comprehend basic stuff about animal welfare – and when I saw basic, I mean the very basic, like DON’T spray paint a poor homeless soul.


The photos were publicly posted on Facebook today by a woman, with absolutely no description, apart from the word “shame”. And that’s another big problem about animal welfare here. Random people will see themselves a spokespeople for the least fortunate – they just post a photo of a stray dog in distress, enjoy the likes and shares, won’t answer any comments by other users willing to offer help and just carry on with their lives.


The football team is AEK, one of the biggest ones here in Greece, and its color are black and yellow (how artistically creative of the abuser to match yellow paint with a black dog). Small detail, the name of the team stands for Athletic Union Of Constantinople – Constantinople stands for Istanbul in Greek, but we won’t call it that (like the rest of the world) because it once belonged to us and we are so damn proud of our historical and cultural heritage.

Can you now admire the “artistic cleverness” of it?


From some comments below the post, we learn that the dog is in Megalopolis, a big town in Peloponnesus, and that’s it. Thank you very much, I just lost my appetite, my sleep and my faith in humanity, and on top of it all, there is nothing I can do about it, because I have no idea where the dog is exactly, if he has been cared for, cleaned up, placed for adoption etc.


I am not really sure why am sharing this particular story. I won’t be helping this dog, because I can’t. But maybe it helps more stray dogs like him out there, by bringing attention to what is going on in this “country” of mine that I call home.

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3 thoughts on “Stray Dog Violated By Having Football Team’s Name Spray Painted On Her”

  1. I haven’t even set foot in your country, dear Valia, and already I am thinking about meeting at the border…. Absolutely not sure if I will ever be able to proccess all of this….

  2. It makes me sick to see that poor dog suffer because of stupidity of human kind! And for sure this is not a matter of nationality but a real prove how civilized a human being is!
    By any chance please find that dog to find it a good home! Like you and your friends have helped so many other animals! I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart that you are there not just to stand up for the rights of those poor animals but also that you are out there to take over responsibility of society’s “waste“. TLC should actually be in every human being’s nature!
    Take care – and all the best for you!

  3. this world makes me sick. so many cruel, stupid people. i want to save all these dogs. if i had the power i would do it in a minute. every dog deserves a happy home with a loving family. abusing a stray like this is just criminal

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