Stray Dog Goes Form Begging On The Streets To A Loving Home

Stray dogs like Bozo make my heart melt. You know there are so many stray dogs here, that you can find all the characters you can imagine. Friendly, reluctant, protective, indifferent, fearful, feral, independent, carefree. And then there are the dogs like Bozo – all it takes is one look from you and they will follow you around like you are their human, obey you and trust you and stay by your side, even if it’s the first time they meet you.

Dogs like him could potentially live a happy life on the streets, among people that they adore, going around from one person to the other receiving cuddles and treats, sleeping in one house one day and in another house the next day, and being the town’s loving pet dog.

Bozo’s rescue story:

All that could be possible in an ideal world inhabited by the flower children, where everyone loves everyone and where dogs are considered citizens and friends. Bozo would be happy in such a society, and he is not the only one. I have met a lot of dogs like him that are so happy to be among people and to be loved and petted. Flower dogs.

First night together, driving back to Athens.

The ugly truth is that our cities and villages are the opposite of an ideal environment for flower dogs. In fact, flower dogs like him are in constant danger of following around, wagging their tails and trusting the wrong people, and eventually ending up hanged or drowned or with their eyes gouged out and their skulls split in two.

Last car ride together, driving to the airport on December 2.

Random acts of cruelty to animals are such a common thing in Greece, that no human friendly dog can ever be safe. I have a soft spot for them and since I realized they are in constant danger, I started rescuing one after the other.

First night at home, with his friend Luna

Bozo came to my home one night, and the next day he started behaving as if he always belonged there. His mind is set on humans 100%, and for him, living a life next to humans seems totally natural. The home is his natural environment, the humans his natural companions. He feels that he is one of us, and that was so obvious when he was on the street.

Office time 🙂

Bozo was adopted in Germany only two weeks ago. I took him to the airport crying my usual happy tears, and I knew deep down that Bozo would arrive home and would behave as if he always lived there. And he did.


He sleeps in his bed as if this is the bed he grew up in, he dozes off at his dad’s office, next to Luna, his companion, as if this is what he always did, accompany dad at the office. He chews his toys and plays in the snow and behaves and acts like..well, he acts like Bozo. You always know what to expect from him, mainly because he knows how to read humans around him so well, that the right behavior at home, or on the walk, or at the office comes naturally.

Every time I get a new photo of him I cry and kiss my mobile screen and make incomprehensible sounds. I knew it. I just knew it – rescuers always know, I’m not anything special. I knew form watching his behavior on the street, that this dog would go into a home and belong since day one.

A huge thanks to his family, Heidi, Florian and Luna, Frieden für Pfoten, Bettina, Micaela, Judith, Sepp, Frances and everyone at 4 Feet dog center and of course SCARS, for always being there for the dogs I keep bringing back every time I leave Athens. You can follow the charity’s facebook page here. Donations are welcome.

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