Stray Dog Hit By Car Makes A Full Recovery

Ioli was one of the many (too many really) stray dogs that roam the streets of Greece every day. All of them are basically on death row. If a car doesn’t kill them, a poisoned burger will, or hunger, starvation, disease.

Their lifespan is at one year approximately, depending on their luck and on the area they live in. The more hostile the residents are to strays, the less time those dogs have left. You can say that Ioli was unlucky, but in a way, she was lucky. If she hadn’t been hit and left for dead by that car one day, she would never have been rescued. When she came to the shelter of Save a Greek Stray, her scalp was missing. Half of her head was an open wound, leaving the bones exposed, and her front right paw was smashed. Ioli was one of the most patient and cooperative dogs that have passed by the shelter. She never complained, she waited in her crate from months, for her wounds to heal and for her life to start over again.

While in recovery, she was reserved, and left for her forever home about a month ago. She is spending this Christmas at home, her first Christmas at home, and her new life has just began. You can donate to the shelter via PayPal ( or bank transfer. Follow the charity’s facebook page here.

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