Stray Dog Rescued Almost Too Late Comes Back To Life

Richard came to the shelter of Save a Greek Stray in July 2017. He was rescued form a military camp, where we lived as a stray, along with dozens of other dogs.

He was starving and weak, and he suffered from mange, erlichia, leishmaniasis – basically everything a dog can suffer from. The combination of all these diseases and the fact that he hadn’t received treatment for so long, resulted in Richard’s health being very poor, his immune system had almost collapsed, and about ten days after his rescue we thought we were going to lose him.


He stopped eating, he kept losing more weight and his body seemed to be shutting down. The possibility of losing Richard was too devastating. Such a loving and tender dog, that would wag his tail even when he didn’t have the strength to stand on his own feet would be too unfair, too much of a loss. But his soul was too brave and his spirit stronger than we thought.


Richard made a comeback, and today h is a happy, sweet dog, who lives at the shelter and is looking for his forever home. Richard is one of the most human centered dogs that have passed by the shelter.


He is constantly looking for human companion, and can stay beside you being petted while the other dogs run around, chase balls and play with each other. He deserves a home more than anyone. He is too young and he has suffered too much for no reason.

If you are looking for a loving, gentle companion, please consider giving Richard a chance. For adoptions you can email the shelter at: or message the charity’s Facebook page here. Find out how you can help the shelter by clicking here.

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