Stray Mother Dog And Her Only Child Will Make You Smile

Stray dogs in Greece are uncountable, and if you are an animal lover there are times when you feel completely helpless. You know that you can’t save them all and sometimes simply have no other choice but to turn a blind eye.

Stray mother dogs are a different thing. Spotting a pregnant female or a mother dog struggling to keep her family and herself well fed and safe is the ultimate emergency. No matter how overcrowded a shelter is or how desperate the volunteer, turning your back at a mother and walking away is not an option.


Maya was one of those dogs. She gave birth a few months ago, in one of the coldest days Greece has ever seen in years. Maya delivered her puppies in the snow, and by the time help got to her, only Pashalis had survived.


Both of them were rescued by Save a Greek Stray. Maya raised her only son in the shelter.


“A calm and sweet dog who was only interested in the welfare of her baby. She gave him all her best. She taught him to love, to respect, how to behave, what was allowed and what wasn’t. She would give him the space to develop but always keeping a close eye. And the little one seemed to always ask for her permission to walk a little further or go and play. Whether you call it instinct or wisdom, we feel privileged to have shared our lives with them.”


Both mother and son are now ready for their forever homes. If you wish to adopt one (or both) of them, you can email the charity at: or message their Facebook page.

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