Stray Puppy Found On The Side Of The Road Attends Her Parents’ Wedding One Year Later

Stray dogs can get from very lucky to extremely unlucky. This is Stella’s story, and she was one of the luckiest ones. Of the thousands of puppies found abandoned on the streets of Greece every single day, some have luck smile on them, and some (well, let’s not go there, at least tonight).


Stella’s story, as described in the charity’s Facebook page is as awesome as it gets. I could never write anything better, so I am just translating the post:

Stella being groomed the day before she goes to her forever home

“Hi, I am Stella, and I wanna tell you my story.

Yannis, a famous DJ (!) found me last summer on the highway, in the middle of nowhere. He picked me up and brought me to Athens. He fostered me in his yard and asked the SPAZ girls to help find me a home, a family.

First day at home. Christmas.

I did have an adoption ad in the SPAZ page but you won’t remember it, it was one of those that never get many shares, cause I am not a white, fluffy, 5 kilo puppy, you know…

Anyway, one of those few shares reached Pepi, who came to see me with her then boyfriend, Panos. They met me and loved me! Who? Me! A 25 kilo black and tan …something -mix.


They took me home. I was so terrified that for the first couple of days I didn’t move, On the third day, I felt kind of better, so I started destroying the entire house! Well, not all at once, I used to destroy pieces of it every day.

The guys were patient and worked with me, even though I was sure they were gonna take me back to that yard.

The family

We are having a great time together since then!


A few days ago Pepi and Panos got married, and I attended the wedding! I helped around with the makeup and the hair and other stuff I have no idea what they were about.

Pepi was gorgeous and I was so happy!

There are a lot of “Stellas” like me out there. Better quit your obsession about breeds and stuff, and help some of the dogs like me and may you all live happily ever after.”

Stella helping out with the wedding preparations

That’s it. As simple and as awesome as it gets.

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