Stray Puppy Goes From An Empty Beach To Her Dream Home

Stray dogs are probably millions in Greece, and given the fact that the mentality here will not be changing anytime soon, there will be millions more to come in the next years. My Blue was one of the million strays out there, when I first saw her in August 2016.

Blue as a stray on the beach in Greece
Stray life

I was on vacation in a small village by the sea, about 150 km from Athens – and being on vacation in the countryside is not easy, – you either have to turn a blind eye of come back home with a dozen of rescue dogs. Every afternoon, I walked my dogs by the sea – the people were gone by sunset, and they had the entire beach (all 16 km of it) to themselves.

Is there a kid that doesn’t like to play? Nobody played with Blue on the beach, so she would just play alone, chewing sticks and chasing the waves.

It was one afternoon when I first saw her, coming towards us, wagging her tail. She had spotted us from a distance, and since she was looking desperately for company, she joined the four of us, and tried to fit in.
I panicked. When you are an animal lover living in Greece, you simply get used to lonely stray dogs wandering around everywhere, and choose to rescue the ones that can’t make it on the streets: the sick, emaciated or hurt ones, the newborns, and the pregnant females. Blue was neither of the above (she was already about 6-7 months old and healthy), which meant that she should not be a priority.

her loneliness haunted me for two days, until I figured out a way to take her off that beach as soon as possible.

But Blue had something else, that made her life as a stray extremely vulnerable: she was desperate – desperate for attention, for human company, for a family where she would feel like she belonged. Before I decided to rescue her, I watched her behavior for a couple of days. She didn’t just follow my pack and me that afternoon, she followed everybody.

Chasing cars, chasing people, chasing a dream. that was her life, filled with rejection every single day.

She would spend her day on the beach, going from one person to another, wagging her tail and begging for attention. She would follow people home and run behind cars driving by. She only needed one look from you, and she would come to you and stay beside you, as if this was where she belonged.

First day at home with me, exhausted from a 2 hour journey and the visit to the vet.
Her rescue

I couldn’t sleep for two days, trying to find a way to take her off that beach as soon as possible. Rescue is about a decision you make today – a few seconds later might mean a few seconds too late. So one morning, I drove to the beach, found Blue, put her in the car, and drove to Athens. I took her straight to the vet and then to a friend’s house, where she would be fostered until my dogs and I returned to Athens permanently.

About a month after her rescue, I too her for a walk on a beach again – this time she was not alone.

My Blue turned out to be one of the luckiest dogs ever. She didn’t even have to wait too long, because her dream home was waiting for her a few months later in Holland. Since the day she arrived, her family has been working so much with her, posting photos and videos of her and trying their best to keep her happy, that it’s difficult for me to keep track of Blue’s progress and happiness.

Happy tears at the airport, the day she flew to Holland.

She finally has the pack she always wanted, friends to play with, a warm bed to sleep in and everything she ever dreamed of, right there for her. She finally belongs, and nobody will be driving her away anymore, for being an annoying stray puppy on a beach. She won’t have to feed off leftovers and garbage anymore, nor beg for attention and love. All the love in the world is there for her, to enjoy every day, for the rest of her life.

On a beach in Holland, with her best friend, Rincewind. / Photo by Blue Bayou

I could go on forever, but the photos speak for themselves. Besides, my Blue even has her own Facebook page now, where her everyday life is there for you to take a glimpse at. It is definitely worth scrolling down her page, not because I say so, but because it is one very good example of how much of a treasure can be considered a dog, who spent the first months of its life as an outcast, rejected by everyone.

Blue and some of the members of her family! / Photos by Blue Bayou

A huge thanks to Blue’s family, for everything, to the rest of the pack accepting her as a member, and especially to Rincewind, her best friend, for looking after my sweet, gorgeous girl.

Playtime! / Photo by Blue Bayou

Rescue is determined by that split second, when you make the decision to open you car door, and let them in – if you really want to, you will figure out the rest later. So don’t hesitate – if I had hesitated, Blue would not be there the next summer, and I would have never forgiven myself.

And more playtime! / Photo by Blue Bayou

Blue’s medical bills were covered by SCARS. If you wish, you can donate to the organization via PayPal:

*Make sure to take a look at Blue’s Facebook page!

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  1. I have four dogs myself and me personally don’t think Blue is in the best of homes she was alone for so long she needed a family who could give her more attention not a home full of dogs and cats.

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